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ALBUM STREAM: Tyrants Blood- Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood- Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tridroid Records has been busy this year, and they’re not done yet.  December 23rd will see the release of a vinyl re-issue of Tyrants Blood third full length ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’.  The Canadian black/death metal band originally released this album in 2013, and this vinyl edition will come with new liner notes from guitarist Marco Banco and a download code for the band’s compilation album ‘Coven’ (released a year later in 2014).  I was all about ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ when it originally came out, and with the re-issue fast approaching I’m happy to have the opportunity to present you with a stream of the entire release.  Which gives me another chance to tell you just how destructive of a force Tyrants Blood is, as they’ve gone under the radar for a good number of people despite having been around for a decade and that should definitely change.

You should know this by now, but Canada has a bit of a stranglehold on some of the most chaotic and violent black/death metal out there, and Tyrants Blood is no exception.  Across ten songs the guitars blare nasty, twisted distortion and violent riffing that changes without warning.  It’s a familiar approach, particularly when it comes to this type of dense blasting, but compared to some of the others out there ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ has more variation to its attack.  The guitar leads often adopt some thrash influences alongside the chaotic black/death, giving some additional speed and scorching solos that make the songs a bit more distinguishable from each other than you’d expect.  Plus even when the guitars and bass let up ever so slightly there’s still very little opportunity to breathe, as the drums maintain dense pounding that keeps the intensity at a high.  Songs like Drowning in and Ocean of Fire are great examples, as the warlike riffing breaks in favor of some scorching grooves and clearer leads, but the drums keep pummeling away with an immense amount of force.  Tyrants Blood do their best to leave you completely exhausted by the end of ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’, but once the dust has settled you’ll want to dive right back in to the all-out destruction and riff after killer riff these guys have to offer.

Tyrants Blood

Vocalist Brian “Messiah” Langley has been with the band since their second full length ‘Crushing Onward into Oblivion’, and he has one of those pitches that are perfectly suited for this dense, unrelenting black/death metal.  His main style is a lower growl that stands above the layers of instrumentals and takes on a commanding presence that is sure to grab your attention right from the very beginning.  But this isn’t simply another guttural growl that stays at the same pitch the entire way through, as he heads into some slightly higher territory and is supported by bassist Vinnie Borden who throws in some raspier screams/shrieks as backup.  What really impressed me about the performance is how long Langley can hold some of these growls.  Listen to Disowned and Defiled all the way through and you’ll hear what I’m talking about, as that lengthy scream/growl that ends the song and seems to only get more intense the longer it is held steals the spotlight.

If you’ve yet to experience Tyrants Blood thrash infused take on the Canadian black/death style, this vinyl re-issue of ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ is the perfect opportunity, as it nets you this monstrous effort as well as the compilation.  These guys display the same level of chaos and ferocity as some of the others playing similar styles but have the variety and depth to back it up, and that makes their material quite appealing.  It has been three years since this album first came out though, so hopefully 2017 will see the release of some new songs, as I’m ready to see where they’ve gone from here.  ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ is out on vinyl December 23rd from Tridroid Records.

Tyrants Blood | Tridroid Records


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