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ALBUM PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: Brazilian Grindcore Band Facada

Facada are one of the best grindcore bands currently. One listen of the album Nadir is all that is required to confirm it. 4 years after the release of the album the band are back with a new album titled Nenhum puto de atitude. We are thrilled to present a full stream of the album here. Described as “17 pissed as fuck tributes to underground legends”, the album features covers of bands like Unleashed, The Misfits And Bad Brains among others. The album is an intense listen under 20 minutes. It is out today on CD & Vinyl via Everydayhate and Laja Records. Check it out!

Transcending Obscurity (Peter K): Hello! How are things at the Facada camp. It has been 4 years since your last release Nadir. What have you been busy with of late?

Facada: After Nadir was released, we went through a very quick turnaround. Our drummer left and we spent time playing with another. We did some shows with this line up and in that time, I broke my shoulder, so I had to take some time to recover. After that, our drummer came back and we started thinking about our future. We composed some songs and decided to make a covers album that, first, would be a 7 “, but they were increasing and we decided to do that 12”. We decided to do half the album with Brazilian bands and half of bands from other countries. We recorded practically the 2 albums at the same time, both our new full, as well as that of covers. While this is being released now, we are already streamlining this new one. In addition, there was a split with Stheno from Greece recently and we did a lot of shows in Brazil.

TO: How did the band get started & how did you decide to play grindcore?

Facada: We were always friends but we played in other bands in our city, we always met at concerts and we had this idea of having a band of grindcore. From the old things we listened to, such as Carcass and Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Defecation and our original guitarist (Ari) already had a Crust band called Diagnosis, so it was easy because when we got together we were certain of what we wanted to do.

TO: How did you get into grindcore? What was the first grindcore album you heard?

Facada: There were a lot bands at the same time, but I think the first true grindcore band that I’ve heard was Rot’s Ep Almighty God (BTW we recorded the 1st song from that 7), that i bought on the same day that we got Altars of Madness. I was impressed by the fact that it was very raw and had a punk essence, but with an evil vibe on it, but what really startled me was From Enslavement to Obliteration, I did not know what was happening on that record, I had never heard anything so confrontational. Reek of Putrefaction was also very important in this regard. Sarcasm’s 7” Your Funeral My Party and Theatric Simbolization of life of the Agathocles were also there. A Brazilian band called The Endoparasites (and others Brazilian bands too) and Terrorizer always played a lot, anyway …

TO: Your album Nenhum puto de atitude is an intense listen under 20 minutes. Tell us about the album.

Facada: Since the beginning of the band, we always liked to play songs from the bands we enjoyed and and we were curious to see how we managed to make it our way. every single on of our albums has a cover song of a band we loved. As soon as we finished O Joio, we had the idea of doing an ep with only covers, we got to rehearse some, but we never made it through. After Nadir, we decided to do that, so we were choosing the songs from the thousands of bands we’ve always heard that were important in our lives. There were so many and so many styles that for just for an ep, it was too short. We chose the ones that made the biggest impression on us, that we always remembered and some we picked just for the sake of seeing how it would go with our vibe. Others were to frighten us even to think how we had the petulance to do so.

TO: Does your guitarist Ari still live in Germany? How did you go about writing and recording the album?

Facada: Yes, he still lives in Berlin and composes and records the songs he wrote there. When he comes to Brazil, he rehearses a 3/4 with Dangelo (drummer) and we record the drums as soon as they get these songs together, later he records the parts of the strings and I record the voices here. It’s a little tricky, but it works fine, I do not know how.

TO: Your lyrics are in Portuguese. What is the reason behind singing in Portuguese?

Facada: Most of the songs are in Portuguese, at first we composed a lot more in English, but there are things we write that only work in our native language: expressions, slang, specific words that only match our reality that work in that context. And it would really be pathetic if we translated it into another language.

TO: 3/4th of the band is part of Godthot. How do you manage between both bands?

Facada: Everyone in the band has side projects. Me and Danyel (guitarist) have the Monge (black metal) and Godtoth (death metal) and we always want to do more. Godtoth was a project that we did with our old friend Zé (omfalos and today plays in the band PESTE). We created and recorded the entire album in 8 days and it mixed soon after and the result was absurd. We only did one rehearsal and one show. Since he lives in a city far from ours, it is very difficult for us to take care of it, so it is a good idea to conciliate. But we’re already thinking about making another record. The Monge iIt’s on its way, We’re ready for the next release.

TO: Members of the band are also involved with label Black Hole Productions. What do you think are the role of a record label currently?

Facada: In fact, no one in the band has anything to do with the Black Hole. It is run by an incredible guy named Fernando Camacho who has been on the scene for quite some time. He has already released many albums, has had magazines, fanzines and today his label is one of the most respected, both in Brazil and in the world. He released Nadir on CD and will release the new album soon and does it all by himself.

TO: What do you think of physical formats like Cds and Vinyl in this digital age? Do you think they are still relevant?

Facada: I think there was a time that the thought was that one media would replace the other, but I think time has proven it wrong. All media can live peacefully with each other as long as there are people who want to listen to music the way they prefer. CD, Vinyl, mp3 … it does not matter. It is only to see the return of vinyl and k7 with a huge demand to be met. Each one has its audience. This talk that the formats die It’s more of a hype to absorb the new media easier.

TO: What are your thoughts on the current state of grindcore?

Facada: I think grindcore has always been good hands, there have always been bands that did a good job and never let the underground flame die in the whole planet. Many bands throwing things and from all sides and of course always being opposed, against the establishment, anti fascists, anti right, never accepting the status quo as it is, neither reaffirming and / or agreeing with What is imposed on us. Always against it.

TO: What have you been listening to lately (metal and non-metal)? Are there any acts that have inspired you of late?

Facada: This question is very difficult because I listen to a lot different things, I never settle for one thing only. I spend the day at work and listening to music on my headphones and It’s usually on shuffle mode. When I come across something that grabs me, or something I haven’t heard for a long time, I go after that album..At home, I choose more between the CDs and vinyls I have. But it can be from cathedral to a collection of surf music and power pop from the 60s / 70s. From transilvanian hunger, through my minds mine, to yacopsae and ending in paradise lost in the pop phase.

TO: Do share with us bands from Brazil that the readers should check out.

Facada: DER, Test, Violator, Xico Picadinho, Lepra, Homicide, Rot, Faixa de Gaza, Damned Youth, Cocaine Cobras, Leptospirose, Merda, Guro, Diagnose, Funeral Jovem, Lepra, Death by starvation, Grindful Dead, Deuszebul, Alohahaole, Deb and teh Mentals, Caverna, Os Capial, Shitfun, Plague Rages, summer saco…there many to mention and my memory is too weak.

TO: Do you have any shows/tours planned this year?

Facada: not yet, we’re trying to focus on finalizing the new album.

TO: Thanks for doing this interview. Do you have any final words?

Facada: thank you for the interview, search the internet for facadanagoela, do not support fascists, look for the everydayhate, listen to our album that was released by everydayhate, keep grinding, take care and take care of the people that you like. cheers!



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