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2016 Video Round up – Part I

I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a metal music video on television. Ofcourse, there are bands that pass off as mainstream metal with their videos on TV, but it’s nothing like the old days where shows like Headbanger’s ball were something metalheads actually sought out. So it is surprising to find out that bands still release lots of kick ass metal music videos on Youtube, Vimeo and other such platforms. And these online platforms actually allows the bands to go nuts with very few restrictions in terms of censorship or “what is appropriate” and other such red tape. So we took the opportunity to pretend like we’re serious movie critics and write about what we think you should see. – Shrivatsan R. (Deputy Editor)

Aborted – Divine Impediment (Century Media Records)

Retrogore’ is almost upon us and Aborted have come up with a music video for Divine Impediment. Featuring guest vocals and a cameo by Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan, the video is a standard fare of the band rocking out to a pulverizing death grind tune. The way the video is cut and the kaleidoscopic shots emphasize the precision in the band’s deep cutting riffs. There is also weird Judaic symbolism in the video with images of a menorah and the David’s star. Something to do with the lyrics of Divine Impediment, maybe? – Shrivatsan R. (Deputy Editor)

Dark Desolation – Spasmodic Coitus (Independent)

It’s not often that you see black metal bands from the region releasing professionally-shot videos, and this Indian black metal band have come up with an excellent video that retains the characteristics of the underground form of music, corpsepaint and all. It’s probably the boldest attempt that I can recall by an Indian band, although the Devoid video comes close. Musically, it’s extremely intense and this kind of slightly jarring video does justice to the intent. A real treat. I bet it made a few scene kids piss in their pants. – Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-chief)

Evil Reborn – Possessed Angels (Satanath Records)

While lyric videos are common, this one in particular is exceptionally well done. I can’t believe they did all this animation work using only the Venezuelan band’s album artwork. The music here is powerful and crushing as well, reminiscent of the Polish death metal scene, and is very promising. Based on this one song alone, I’m pretty convinced that the band’s upcoming album on Satanath Records is going to be phenomenal. – Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-Chief)

Grunt – Teratoid Latex Feudalist (Bizarre Leprous Productions)

This excellent BDSM-themed goregrind / pornogrind band Grunt have come up with a video that does justice to their bawdy themes. It’s explicit but convincing. Where other bands dabble in the gore themes borrowed heavily from the old horror movies, this one features bondage models and a revolting location to convey the message. It’s again very well shot and edited and is good fun to watch. The electronic touches akin to Libido Airbag rule. – Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-Chief)

NilExistence – If Snakes Could Talk, My Words Would Slither (Independent)

This one JUST dropped from NilExistence’s latest album. Super lo-fi. Definitely has a 90’s vibe to the production, though it’s a much brighter video than one might expect from a group so brutal. Seizure-inducing, backlight performances from the band mixed with someone wrapped in plastic and struggling to escape. Given the success at the end, I wonder if the concept is that listening to the band is like being slowly suffocated. – FlightOfIcarus

Post-Mortem – Spine Trophy (Great Dane Records)

This powerful death metal band knows how to keep it relevant, despite being around for over two decades. This video is gritty, and the black and white hues make it look even cooler. The whole video gives you a sense of thrill and has been superbly shot, giving almost every band member equal screen time. The continuity is brilliant and the song is also apt for this kind of a video. – Kunal Choksi (Editor-in-Chief)

Sadist – Lonely Mountain (Scarlet Records)

A very artistic, motion-art video in a similar style to the cover art, The Lonely Mountain’s aesthetic perfectly fits the African themes of Sadist’s (Italy) latest album. – FlightOfIcarus

The Fifth Alliance – Your Abyss (ConSouling Sounds)

The Fifth Alliance really nails it when it comes to sludge metal, female-fronted or otherwise. This gorgeous black and white video seems to capture both the passionate live performance as well as the melancholic atmosphere evoked on a more metaphoric level. – FlightOfIcarus

Wrvth – Larkspur (Unique Leader Records)

Hot off of one of my all time favorite releases of 2015, Wrvth has returned with a video of Larkspur from their self-titled album. While it’s pretty standard in style, I simply cannot get enough of these jazz-infused mathcore minstrels. Seeing them get into the song in this format makes me want to see them on stage all the more. – FlightOfIcarus




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