ALBATROSS (India) – Fear from the Skies

Albatross, arguably India’s most well-known heavy metal band, release their debut full length on Transcending Obscurity India. After releasing two well known albums, one EP and one split, the members have spent years perfecting their magnum opus titled ‘Fear from the Skies’. With impeccable production values, every note is cleanly heard, every chord strikes a […]

DJINN AND MISKATONIC (India) – Forever in the Realm (Doom Metal)

Djinn and Miskatonic from India are one of the most unique doom metal bands from the country. Merging doom metal with sounds of stoner, sludge and even death/doom metal, ‘Forever in the Realm’ is an exploration of all that is eldritch and dark. No two songs are same, each one crafting its own gritty tale […]