Albatross, arguably India’s most well-known heavy metal band, release their debut full length on Transcending Obscurity India. After releasing two well known albums, one EP and one split, the members have spent years perfecting their magnum opus titled ‘Fear from the Skies’. With impeccable production values, every note is cleanly heard, every chord strikes a deadly blow and equipped with exceptional storytelling skills, the album resonates as a chilling two-fold concept well after it is over. From the fictional character “Jugglehead the Clown” to the tale of the “flying assassin” this album has a lurid lyrical theme brought to life by the juicy and vibrant clean singing vocals of Biprorshee Das, punctuated by the classy solos of three guitarists in the band. In every department Albatross shine like no other, rich in compositions, execution and memorability.


Line-up –
Dr. Hex – Bass
Biprorshee Das – Vocals
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman – Guitars
Nishith Hegde – Guitars
Varun Singh – Guitars
Jay Thacker – Drums

Artwork – Scribble Bandit (Rahul Chacko)

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