WARLORD U.K. (England) – Maximum Carnage (Classic Death Metal)

On the 20th anniversary of ‘Maximum Carnage’, originally released on Nuclear Blast in 1996, we announce a special reissue with two bonus tracks and a fresh layout along with exclusive liner notes from founder Mark White. WARLORD U.K. have always been unheralded and yet they are one of the pillars of the UK death metal […]

DECEASED (US) – Fearless Undead Machines (reissue) (Death/Thrash Metal)

‘Fearless Undead Machines’ is one of the landmark albums in the thrash/death metal style. While the first two DECEASED albums were great, this one just took the band to another level altogether. The surreal zombie concept was phenomenally well done and executed; each of the songs reek of that dread and pensive heart-throbbing atmosphere. The solos […]

ABYSSUS (Greece) – Once Entombed (Death/Crust Metal)

ABYSSUS are a new sensation in the death metal underground, known for their OBITUARY-esque traits as well as their crust-laden old school death metal leanings. The band successfully reinvigorate the fire lacking in today’s death metal music, by circumventing the modern elements and just going primal both in rage and sound. This release puts together their […]