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VIDEO PREMIERE: U.S. Psychedelic Rock Band Obscured By Clouds

Obscured By Clouds- Thermospheric

One of the best parts of being a music writer is rediscovering bands you wrote about years ago.  This is exactly what happened to me with Seattle’s Obscured By Clouds.  The group’s ‘Psycheclectic’ made a strong impression back in 2009 with its combination of Pink Floyd progressive rock alongside a range of other rock influences.  Eight years have gone by since then, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the band name pop up again in my inbox this past week.  This time around Obscured By Clouds has put together a live album titled ‘Thermospheric’ that will be released alongside a Blu-Ray of the performance.  Containing seven out of the eight songs that were on ‘Psycheclectic’ alongside two new tracks, it’s sure to serve as a great introduction to newcomers and a great way for established fans like me to hear these songs from a new angle.  With ‘Thermospheric’ set for release on October 27th via the band’s own label Psycheclectic Records, today we’re excited to premiere a music video for Consider This A Message.


VIDEO PREMIERE+INTERVIEW: Spanish Death/Thrash Band Canker

Canker- Earthquake

While not as well-known abroad, the 90s Spanish death metal scene had quite a few noteworthy bands that contributed their own take on the genre.  Through the efforts of Xtreem Music a lot of these groups have had their earlier material re-issued and offered up new albums, sometimes a decade or two after they were last heard from.  This is the case with death/thrash band Canker, who originally re-issued their 1994 debut ‘Physical’ in a compilation that included their earlier demo material.  Now they’re set to release their third full length album ‘Earthquake’ on September 18th, their first all-new material since 1997’s ‘Exquisites Tenderness’.  What you may not know is that this actually isn’t a brand new record from the current incarnation of Canker, but rather a previously finished and unreleased album that’s been lying dormant since 2005.  But you wouldn’t know it upon first listen, and it gives listeners a window of where the band was at this point in time and where they’re likely to be headed in the future.


VIDEO PREMIERE+INTERVIEW: U.S. Technical/Progressive Death Metal Band NYN

NYN: Of Chaos and Salt

NYN first came to my attention when they released the single The Apory of Existence around the end of June.  While there’s a lot of tech death and progressive death metal out there, this song caught my attention with the sheer amount of things happening.  Highly technical and heavy riffing gave way to soaring keyboards that had a significant prog rock feel, and the vocals spanned everything from high pitched black metal style shrieks to death growls.  It stood out a lot, even considering how much of this material comes my way, and put ‘Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt’ on my radar as a highly anticipated 2017 release.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Swedish Grindcore Band Resonance Cascade

Resonance Cascade Split

Sweden has plenty of great grind bands, and I still feel like I’m finding new ones worth checking out on a regular basis.  This month I’ve been introduced to Resonance Cascade, a newer grind act that formed in 2012 and released their first recording back in 2014.  On February 24th they’ll be releasing a split with fellow Swedes Järnbörd courtesy of WOOAAARGH, Everydayhate, and Downfall Records, giving listeners another chance to hear their gnarly, razor sharp grind.  With the split a little over a week away from coming out, Resonance Cascade has put together a video for the song Dead Peasant which we’re excited to exclusively premiere today.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Croatian Death Metal Band HerezA

HerezA- I Become Death

Croatia’s HerezA formed in 2014 and released their debut full length ‘Misanthrope’ on PRC Music in January of the following year.  The death metal duo hasn’t been resting on their laurels since that album came out though, as they already have a follow-up titled ‘I Become Death’ set for release around the middle of February.  They’ve signed with Polish label Godz ov War Productions, who are quickly becoming one of my favorite underground labels that is constantly unearthing new talent I hadn’t come across before.  As a teaser for ‘I Become Death’ HerezA has released a music video for the song Uništi, Pali, Ruši (which Google Translate tells me means destroyed, burned, destroyed) and we’re excited to be one of the media partners premiering it.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Italian Sludge/Doom Band WOWS


Italian atmospheric sludge/doom band WOWS released their newest album ‘AION’ in November of last year via Argonauta Records, and since its release they’ve put out a video for the song Riwka.  Not all bands do videos these days, so it’s always interesting to see what groups come up with and how it ties into their music.  Rikwa captured their live performance at the deconsecrated church Santa Maria in Chiavica (Verona, Italy), but their newest video is a music video with a full narrative.  Today we’re exclusively premiering this video, which is set to the song Nemesi.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Indian Melodic Death Metal Act – Maloic

The Indian metal scene over the years has produced quite a number of bands whose music is on par with the international metal standards. But most of these bands have been concentrated in some of the bigger cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc., with only one or two bands emerging from some of the smaller cities. That scenario is changing rapidly as more and more metal bands start to emerge from cities like Bhopal, Guwahati, Indore etc. This is truly a sign that the scene is growing and a recent addition to this is the Mangalore based five piece melodic death metal band, Maloic.

Maloic’s approach to death metal has a heavy melodic leaning, with emphasis placed on a strong Carnatic (a form of traditional Indian music) flavor to make this undeniably Indian. The band is gearing up for the release of their debut full length titled ‘Death’ and they also have a brand new music video for the opening track Foul Blood (streaming below). We talked to the band about their history, their sources of inspiration and much more, which you can find below.



VIDEO PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: French Hard Rock Band Berserkers

Berserkers- Lock & Load

When you think of hard rock and rock ‘n roll, France probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind.  But Berserkers, who have been around since 2009 and recently released their new full length ‘Lock & Load’, are looking to change that.  On this newest album they’ve done their best to merge the worlds of old and new, taking classic keyboard and guitar driven rock and adding some modern flairs alongside just a hint of metal.  It caught my attention with hook after hook, accented by the soaring vocals of Julien “Julius” Logeais.  Today we’re excited to bring you a premiere of the band’s new music video for the song The Foolish Man, so you can hear for yourself just how well these guys have these rock hooks down.  Check out the video below, along with an interview with Berserkers where they talk about all the work that went into this material.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Chilean Progressive Rock Band Bauda

Bauda- Sporelights

Last fall, Temple of Torturous released the third full length from Chilean progressive rock band Bauda, ‘Sporelights’.  Formed in 2009 as the solo project of musician César Márquez, Bauda would later expand to a full band with 2012’s ‘Euphoria…of Flesh, Men and the Great Escape’.  ‘Sporelights’ was the type of album capable of leaving a lasting impression on listeners, with soaring melodic instrumentation and soft vocal lines that spread across the music like a warm embrace.  Recalling bands like Anathema, Porcupine Tree, and some of Opeth’s softer moments without coming across as a direct copy, Bauda delivered their strongest effort to date.


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