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UK band LIVE BURIAL playing old school death metal sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’re happy to have another solid old school death metal band on our roster that includes ones like Master, Paganizer, Crawl, Heads For The DeadUrsinne, Down Among The Dead Men, Feral, Nattravnen, etc. Live Burial play primitive old school death metal with the heart in the right place and with a sound that’s perfectly tempered. Watch out for the new full length in 2019.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m chuffed to get a chance to work with Live Burial. I loved their past material and the new stuff sounds great as well. I think they will be a very good fit on the label, what with our old school death metal roster and being in the company of other veteran UK death metal bands such as De Profundis, Warlord U.K., and Warcrab. It has been great working with the band so far and one can only expect big things in the future.”

Live Burial members comment, “When the opportunity rose to work with Transcending Obscurity, we just couldn’t resist! They’ve been instrumental in pushing the presence of underground death metal in terms of quality releases, and we can’t wait to be a part of that! We look forward to working with them to bring out our yet to be titled sophomore record. This culminates 18 months of writing and planning, featuring 41 minutes of pure old school inspired death metal.”

Live Burial Facebook

UK death metal band DE PROFUNDIS sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

UK band DE PROFUNDIS are on the verge of releasing their fifth full length album and have signed to our label for that. The band have decided to play a more direct and hard-hitting form of death metal that doesn’t betray their sound but makes it more effective. They have revamped their aesthetics and have adopted a new logo to suit their improved direction. The album should be slated for release sometime in early 2018 and more info on that will be revealed soon.


The Grindhouse Chronicles – #3 (Feat. Gendo Ikari, Lunatic Hooker, The Heads are Zeros, Fubar)

Evolution is the key to the continued survival of a species. The same thing can be said about music. As the population of bands playing extreme music grows steadily, there is a need to branch out from the established paths to stand out from the throng. Many bands have realised this need for innovation and as a result, we see more thinning of boundaries between styles (both within metal and outside).

This series of articles has focused on such evolution within the grindcore spectrum, and here is #3 with a few more underground acts that are taking the style forward.

the grindhouse chronicles



Sail- Slumbersong

Sludge/doom has absolutely blown up in recent years, with more and more bands vying for your attention than ever before.  Typically the genre has branched off into two directions, with one side trying to come through with the heaviest, ugliest sounds around and others going for a more rock feel.  So it’s always refreshing to find a group that’s doing their own thing, and this is where Sail caught my attention.  Previously known as Husk, their newest full length ‘Slumbersong’ is set for release March 3rd on Hibernacula Records and incorporates elements of sludge, rock ‘n roll, prog, and everything between.  Today we’re excited to premiere the opening song from the album, Praise And Hatred.


WARCRAB to release two albums under Transcending Obscurity Records

Warcrab have been signed for a two-album deal via Transcending Obscurity Records. They uniquely combine death metal and sludge to create something absolutely powerful and memorable.

Transcending Obscurity label owner announces, “Most of you may have heard Warcrab‘s track in the latest label sampler, and it’s time to open pre-orders for their epic release ‘Scars of Aeons’ for the first time on CD. It merges the heaviness of death metal with the visceral groove of sludge and the result is astounding. It sounds immense and I’m glad to work with this band for not only this album but their upcoming one as well. Cheers to Jools Green, Shrivatsan (my deputy editor) and others for turning me on to this band!”

Warcrab member Paul “Budgie” Garbett adds, “Warcrab are over the moon to be able to finally release ‘Scars of Aeons’ to you all on CD. We have waited a long time for this to happen and are pleased to also tell you that not only is it coming out on CD but there is also going to be a very limited box set available with lots of cool Warcrab bits inside. We are delighted to be working with Transcending Obscurity Records on this release and there will be more to follow.”

Pre-order ‘Scars of Aeons’ CD/Box set/T-shirt over here – Warcrab Bandcamp | Transcending Obscurity Store

Warcrab Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Records Roster

The Grindhouse Chronicles – #2 (Feat. Piss Vortex, The Sound That Ends Creation, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Unyielding Love, Loath)

There was never really a doubt in my mind regarding the number of releases in extreme music these days, but damn! The sheer number of kickass grindcore and other grind related projects lurking in the underground is something I did not anticipate. This second edition of the article kept getting delayed, not because I couldn’t find enough bands to write about. Quite the opposite really. Most of the delay was caused by me trying to figure out which bands to include and which ones to push for later editions.

So without further ado, here are 5 bands playing grind and other grind influenced styles of extreme music that I highly recommend you check out.



STREAM + INTERVIEW: Death metal band MEAT TRAIN talk about their upcoming album

Meat Train from UK are on the verge of releasing their second full length album and interestingly, completed a tour of Asia not too long back, narrowly missing India. The band’s adopted a unique and interesting approach, inspired by Clive Barker’s famous story (and a pretty good movie adaptation too!), and their death metal music is full of surprises and promise. I delve in to find what the band’s up to these days and their plans around their new release. Meanwhile, stream their new song off the upcoming album here –

TO: Hello! What did you like most about Clive Barker’s ‘The Midnight Meat Train’ story? How has that worked out for you as a band name so far?

Meat Train: Okay we like the fact that the victims could be just anybody. You could just have the misfortune of getting on the train and become a victim and as the story progresses it becomes more brutal and involves the supernatural, monsters. We’re all fans of horror and gore so the story appealed to us and the name was mentioned so Meat Train was born. I think the name has worked well. It gets people asking why the name.

TO: Clearly a ton of effort has gone into creating the appropriate look for your band? Can you tell us the thought process behind it?

Meat Train: The image idea was always there. We originally had this dishevelled look, like a group of friends after a great night out. Torn, dirty clothing. We took the costumes to Asia but the heat was so intense wearing a suit onstage would’ve definitely done for me. I almost passed out at the Manila show. I think the whole band suffered a bit in that heat. Bangkok was hot too, but Manila. Wow!

Iki designed the masks for the new look Meat Train. It’s based on our love of horror. The evil preacher, the Butcher, the masked Psycho and the deranged hill billy. It will add to the intensity of the new songs.


TO: Coming to the music, it’s brisk, chugging like a locomotive and bears an air of sickness – which is a refreshing change from the done-to-death kind of death metal or goregrind out there. I can also detect a smattering of other influences such as the thrashy energy, a slight melodic undercurrent and so on. Can you explain your current sound and intent?

Meat Train: I’m glad you like the chugging style. We’re fans of that big chug. Getting a great riff that you can chug out and get in people’s faces and heads with. It does have the feel at times of being a locomotive, grinding along relentlessly gaining pace. The thrashy influences are just natural I think. We have a love of thrash; the pace, the twists and turns – and as for the melodic undertones, well you have to have a hook that can grab you and stay in your mind, something to open a song up, lure you into a false sense of security before that next massive chug smashes into your head. Ha ha.

TO: I’m itching to know about your experience playing in Nepal and other Asian countries. How did that come about and how was the response?

Meat Train: Our Asian experiences have been awesome. We’ve loved every minute of taking Meat Train to Asia. The responses to our music have been excellent, very positive – to go and play there was an awesome experience. We made a lot of friends and we still get messages from people in the countries we’ve played asking us to come back. It started with contact from a promoter in Vietnam; she asked us to come and play, so we did. We were well looked after and the shows were awesome. From there she got us to Thailand and we were approached by a promoter in Manila. After that tour Vishal said ‘Come to Nepal! Play Deathfest!’ It was an easy decision to make. We definitely want to return and play again and bring the Meat Train back to Asia. South Korea, Taiwan, Japan are in our sights and Mongolia. We’ve an offer for Mongolia so we figure we could base a tour around that.


TO: What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

Meat Train: The new album is in the mixing stages. It’s sounding great. We’ve got ‘Block 11’ done and it’s on our management pages. The new album takes ‘Flesh Made Man’ to the next level. We toured that album and have taken the next step. We’re more focused on the sound on the new album. We tuned down and Chas really pushed me on the vocals. In fact he pushed me to try a different style so much so that I redid the album with this style. I think I’ve three different vocal styles on this album. Overall the songs are more death metal, more focused. We all agree it’s a major step in the defining of Meat Train‘s sound. The rawness is still there but the sound is more complete. It’s a bigger sounding album. The production is bigger. If you liked ‘Flesh Made Man’ you’re going to love the new album.

TO: I couldn’t help but notice the presence of a female member in the band, which is rare given the style – Ana of Haemorrhage comes to mind. How was she convinced to be a part of a gory death metal band, if I may ask?

Meat Train: Iki was a no brainer choice for Meat Train. It came about from Chas and Iki being at a Basement Torture Killings show. I know they’d been friends for years and Iki just said to Chas ‘I’m up for playing’ and the rest is history as they say. She’s a great person, great bass player and she loves the music. She agreed to join as soon as she was asked.


TO: How is your new album going to be sonically and aesthetically in comparison to your old one ‘Flesh Made Man’? Are you on the lookout for a different label for this one?

Meat Train: I think I covered the musical aspect earlier. The new album sounds big. It’s still heavy, with twists and turns, but it’s more focused this time. As for the label, I know Contagion want to release it, but we’ll see what happens after they hear it. I think our management will take care of the label side of things.

TO: Under a new management, can we expect more tours and exposure from the band? Do you have anything lined up as of now?

Meat Train: Now we have management we’ll certainly be more active. Definitely more touring and more exposure. We love playing live so we’ll be guided by them. As for plans, yes, we have a lot lined up but they’re still being finalised. I know we will be doing some shows with Fleshcrawl in Germany in 2017. Check out our Facebook page for more though as we’re talking with several bands regarding shows and of course for the release of our new album.

TO: Thanks very much for your time. I hope your new album reaches out to a wider audience and don’t forget to include India in your Asian tour next time around haha! Last words are yours.

Meat Train: We plan to come to India. We were hoping to do a couple of shows in India right after Nepal but the promoter ran into some financial difficulties so we couldn’t play in India. We did however make good friends in Rip Off who we played two shows in Nepal with. They’re a great band and a great bunch of guys who we will hopefully get to play in India with. They’re more than welcome to come to the UK to play some shows with us too. Thanks for your time and we appreciate your support.

Meat Train Facebook | Imperative Management

TO Staff – Grindcore Highlights (Pt. 3)

Whoa! We have a third compilation of grindcore albums already? I guess the staff here at Transcending Obscurity take their grindcore really seriously. Or maybe the fact that grindcore albums are easier to consume compared to other styles, makes it easier to identify worthy grindcore albums at a faster rate. Whatever the case is, the way I see it, one can never have enough grindcore in one’s life. So we present to you, part 3 of the grindcore highlights list featuring albums that you should be streaming / buying right now if you’re a fan of this extreme style. ~ Shrivatsan R (Deputy Editor)

Asphalt Graves (USA) – The New Primitive (Vitriol Records)



SONG PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: Powerviolence / Grind duo Negative Thought Process

Negative Thought Process

The sample that opens ‘Methylene Butterfly’, the newest release from UK based grindcore / powerviolence duo Negative Thought Process, leaves no doubt about the demented nature of the record. The music that follows feels like the explosion of a megaton bomb. The duo conjure up a storm of grinding riffs, pulverizing beat downs and a thick industrial atmosphere in a span of 11 tracks and they do it with a palpable sense of brutality.

Dealing with topics of self harm and drug addiction, the music contained in the album manages to transport the listener into a state of madness with it’s thick slamming riffs and the deranged screams of vocalist Daniel Page. The moment I heard the sludgy tones of Clandestine Cleaver, I knew I was hooked. We managed to conduct a small interview with the band, where they talk about the band’s history, addition of bassist Kyle Townsend among other things. We also have the aforementioned track streaming below for your listening pleasure.


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