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INTERVIEW + ALBUM PREMIERE: Paraguayan Black/Death/Thrash Band Master of Cruelty

Master of Cruelty- Archaic Visions of the Underworld

Blood Harvest Records has had a fantastic roster of releases this year, many of which we’ve been lucky enough to premiere in recent months.  One of the elements I like the most about the label is their emphasis on South American metal, as their reissues and other releases bring material my way that I might have missed otherwise.  They’ve saved one of their best efforts for the tail end of the year though, as November 25th will see the release of ‘Archaic Visions of the Underworld’ on vinyl, the second full length from Paraguayan black/death/thrash band Master of Cruelty (CD is being handled by Deathrash Armageddon).  It has been four years since Master of Cruelty’s last full length, though they’ve had some splits and an EP in between.  Today we’re premiering the record in its entirety, and it’s one of the better examples of the level of talent that can be found in South American metal.


SPLIT PREMIERE: Evil Madness and Infant Death Deliver a Thrash Attack

Evil Madness/Infant Death Split

The Gravehill/Mordbrand split wasn’t the only slab of killer vinyl Doomentia Records released on the 18th, as the same day also saw the release of a split between Chile’s Evil Madness and Norway’s Infant Death on vinyl.  Released earlier in the year as a limited run cassette from Ancestral Terror Records and CD from Deathrash Armageddon, this is the first time these tracks have been available on vinyl.  Both bands offer different takes on thrash, but keep things as old-school as possible and provide the same of unrelenting intensity and chaotic feel that are sure to remind listeners of some of the best acts from the genre’s earlier days.


INTERVIEW/ALBUM PREMIERE: U.S. Death/Thrash Band Crucified Mortals

Crucified Mortals- Psalms of the Dead Choir

It has been a few years since we last heard from Cleveland death/thrash band Crucified Mortals.  Though the group out a single and two splits in 2013, it has been over five years since their self-titled full length in 2011.  In the time that passed, the band went from a full lineup to a duo.  Reaper brought in Ash Thomas (Shed the Skin, FaithXtractor) on drums in 2012, and began to work on what would ultimately end up becoming ‘Psalms of the Dead Choir’.  With the release of the album on digital and CD formats approaching on October 28th via Hells Headbangers (vinyl is in the works but won’t be out until January 27th), we’re excited to give you an exclusive stream of the record alongside an extensive interview with Reaper.  This is some of the finest death/thrash you’ll come across in 2016 for sure!


SONG PREMIERE: Salvadoran Death/Thrash Metal Band Conceived by Hate

Conceived by Hate- Death & Beyond

When it comes to killer death/thrash metal, Central and South America have plenty of bands worth taking note of.  From the earliest days of the genre to present day there’s plenty to like, and one of the groups to come across my radar recently is El Salvador’s Conceived by Hate.  Though they’ve been around since 2002, originally formed under the name Spiritual Demise before adopting their current name in 2003, this year’s ‘Death & Beyond’ is my first exposure to their music.  Due out on November 13th as a three way collaboration between Satanath Records, Morbid Skull Records, and Deathgasm Records, you know a band is capable of making an impression when three respected underground team up to release their album.  Today we’re premiering the title track from the album, the final and longest song that ‘Death & Beyond’ has to offer.


INTERVIEW+EP PREMIERE: Finnish Thrash/Speed Metal Band Excuse

Excuse- Goddess Injustice

When you think of Finnish metal, death and black metal tends to be what comes to mind more frequently than some of the other sub-genres.  But there are groups out there flying the old-school speed metal and thrash flags as high as possible.  Excuse is a perfect example, as the band formed in 2009 and has released a demo and EP that put their own spin on aggressive, blistering thrash/speed metal.  Three years after the ‘Path to Extinction’ EP Excuse is back with a new four-song EP titled ‘Goddess Injustice’, which will see a vinyl release from Hells Headbangers and Shadow Kingdom Records on September 30th.  With the release date so close, we’re excited to have the opportunity to present you with a full stream of the EP alongside an interview with three of the members of the band.


INTERVIEW: U.S. Thrash/Hardcore/Hard Rock Band X-Method

X-Method- Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music

Back in August we premiered a song from Bay Area thrash/hard rock band X-Method.  Their debut full length ‘Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music’, which was released via Pavement Music, caught my attention with a perfect blend of old-school and crossover thrash influences fused together with hardcore and hard rock elements.  Spread across seventeen songs, it really had a little bit of everything for listeners to discover.  Sometimes the band might rip through some fast paced riffs that are equal parts Slayer and D.R.I. while other moments might have a groove metal slant or even a bit of that Sevendust style hard rock melodies circa their better days.  I was curious to find out more about what these guys were all about, particularly as they have a sizeable fan base in South America and have toured down there at an earlier stage than most groups.  Vocalist Abby provides some in-depth answers which you can read below, and if this material grabs you pick it up from Pavement Music!


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Thrash/Hardcore/Hard Rock Band X-Method

X-Method- Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music

The Bay Area has given birth to a host of classic metal bands, particularly when it comes to thrash.  Over the years there have been plenty of new groups forming that take some of these influences and branch them outwards to head in different directions.  X-Method is a great example, as while some of their material on debut full length ‘Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music’ has that fast paced thrash and crossover thrash sound, they incorporate a lot of other genres into their mix.  Faster riffs give way to slow hardcore-tinged grooves and rock melodies that wouldn’t sound out of place from a band like Sevendust.  Though I know some of you might be way of the hardcore/rock mix in thrash, rest assured that these guys actually do it in a way that works rather than jamming the styles together awkwardly.


SONG PREMIERE: Swiss Metal Band Beansidhe

Beansidhe- Mont

Switzerland’s Beansidhe is likely to be a new name to most of you, but the band’s actually been around since 1999.  It has taken them quite a bit of time to get material out though, as the group’s first demo ‘Beansidhe’s Everlasting Cry’ released in 2004 and its follow-up EP ‘De Mortis Eloquentia’ came out in 2010.  Following some lineup changes that brought a new bassist and vocalist on-board in 2014, Beansidhe finally put out their debut full length ‘Mónt’ in as a limited independent release in 2015.  Polish label Via Nocturna has now picked up the album for expanded distribution on July 28th, and we’re pleased to have the chance to premiere the song Febraar.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Thrash Band Lucis Absentia

Lucis Absentia- To the Depths

Re-releases have become more common these days, with labels unearthing lost classics and giving independently released EP’s and full lengths proper distribution.  In Lucis Absentia’s case, they’ve not only been given a chance to re-release their debut EP ‘To the Depths’ through Static Tension Recordings, but it serves as a perfect opportunity to introduce everyone to their newly rebranded material.  Formed as Gomorrah in 2012, the band independently released ‘To the Depths’ in 2014, and probably realized at some point that there have been quite a few past and present groups using this same name.  Enter Lucis Absentia, or “Absence of Light” in Latin.


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