Czech death metal trailblazers CUTTERRED FLESH sign to Transcending Obscurity

It’s great that we’re getting fresh-sounding death metal bands even in this day and age that have the potential to surprise you. Earlier this year, it was Atrae Bilis and Coexistence, and we now have Cutterred Flesh from Czech Republic honing their sound to give us what’s easily the best album of their career. Label […]

Canadian death metal band ATRAE BILIS sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard enough and settle to work with the experienced bands, you come across one like Atrae Bilis who blow you away with their approach to the genre on their debut itself. It’s surprising how they’ve got everything right the first time – from the music to the production […]

Italian technical death metal band COEXISTENCE sign to Transcending Obscurity

We’re slowly building our technical death metal roster, handpicking some talented bands who’re adding something new or just upholding what it all should be about. We’re already working with the likes of Cerebrum and Chaos Motion, and there are more that are yet to be revealed. Coexistence from Italy are among this latest batch of […]