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ETERNAL STORM sign to Transcending Obscurity

Spanish death metal band Eternal Storm will be releasing their upcoming album titled ‘Come The Tide’ on Transcending Obscurity Records. It’s a superbly tempered album that takes in elements of progressive, melodic as well as aggressive death metal to create their own brand of death metal that is at once refreshing and unpredictable without losing continuity. They’ll be good label mates with our existing death metal bands such as De Profundis, Heads For The Dead, Eye of Purgatory and others.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m very happy to come across a fresh and resounding album in the style after ages. It happens to be the new full length of the ambitious Spanish band Eternal Storm who seem to have a great future ahead of them. Their death metal music is expansive, even atmospheric and progressive, which lingers in your mind long after it’s over. We’re proud to welcome them to our fold.”

Eternal Storm guitarist Daniel Maganto comments, “After all these years working on our debut full-length, we are excited to announce that it will finally be released via the Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records. We feel honored to be collaborating with a passionate and committed individual like Kunal, and to be sharing home with bands we admire and respect like Master, Officium Triste, Paganizer, De Profundis and many others. This is also our first recording with Mateo on drums and we can’t wait to show you the evolution the band has undergone since ‘From the Ashes’. More news soon!”

Line up –
Kheryon – Bass, lead vocals
Jamie Torres – Guitars, backup vocals (clean/growls), keyboard
Mateo Novati – Drums, backup vocals (growls)
Daniel Maganto – Guitars, backup vocals (growls), keyboard

Tracklisting – 
1. The Strand (Through The Wall Of Light Pt. I)
2. Immersion (Through The Wall Of Light Pt. II)
3. Detachment
4. The Mountain
5. Of Winter And Treason
6. Drifters
7. The Scarlet Lake
8. Embracing Waves

Eternal Storm Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Records signs LIFELOST with Phlegeton of WORMED for two releases

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome another black metal band to the roster that not only upholds the quality but pushes it forward in terms of sonic expression and aesthetic appeal. Lifelost is a new band from Phlegeton of Wormed and one can expect the release of their debut EP titled ‘Dialogues From Beyond’ shortly. You can listen to a teaser here –

Transcending Obscurity Records label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m thrilled to work with the legendary Phlegeton of Wormed to release music of his new black metal band Lifelost which is dark and harrowing. He has outdone himself here in all aspects. Even the artwork and overall aesthetics are sublime and suit the music just perfectly. It’s been a breeze working with him and it further strengthens the label’s Spanish connection alongside other bands such as Bokluk and Come Back From The Dead.”


Lifelost‘s sole member Phlegeton adds, “Over the years, I’ve been working with many labels to build my music career but I didn’t think that signing with a new label could make me feel such great excitement and this breath of fresh air. It’s a real pleasure and honor to sign with a label that is rising as a colossus in the international metal scene; just as my music emerged without premeditation, this association has come unexpected. I cannot feel prouder of having this opportunity to present my darker side of music to this decadent world with my first solo album. Those who walk in the light will see a great darkness!”

Line up –
Phlegeton – All instruments, lyrics and voices (Wormed, Human Mincer)

Track list – 
1. Malign Emanatio
2. Sepulchral Vault
3. Released From Life
4. Metanoia
5. Incorporeal Gate


Lifelost Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Band Roster

SONG PREMIERE: Spanish Death Metal Band Neter

Neter- Inferus

Spanish death metal band Neter has been around since 2004, making a name for themselves through the release of two full length albums and prominent tours throughout their home country.  This year the group is preparing for the release of album number three, which they’ve titled ‘Inferus’.  The material continues to find Neter offering up bottom heavy, lumbering death metal that’s focused on grooves and just the right amount of atmosphere.  With ‘Inferus’ set to come out January 15th as a collaboration between Satanath Records, Cimmerian Shade Recordings, MurdHer Records, and Black Plague Records, today we’re premiering the final song The Eye of Sirius.


SONG PREMIERE: Spanish Thrash Metal Band No Amnesty

No Amnesty- Psychopathy

Thrash is one of those genres that tend to be dominated by long-running bands, often split between acts that have been around since the 80’s and ones that led to the style going through a resurgence in popularity in the early 2000’s.  But there are still promising newcomers coming out on a regular basis from around the world, and Spain’s No Amnesty definitely falls into that category.  Compared to some of the others out there that have put out material fairly quickly No Amnesty has had a bit more time to hone their skills, with this year’s ‘Psychopathy’ full length coming nearly four years after the ‘A New Order for Attack’ EP.  The band’s lineup has changed a bit since then, with ex-Fuck Off singer Albert now behind the mic, but it’s clear that they’ve delivered a debut that’s full of scorching riffs and soaring vocal lines.  With ‘Psychopathy’ due out on November 14th, today we’re premiering the lyric video for the song Among the Blind so you can discover the high flying thrash these guys are capable of delivering.


VIDEO PREMIERE+INTERVIEW: Spanish Death/Thrash Band Canker

Canker- Earthquake

While not as well-known abroad, the 90s Spanish death metal scene had quite a few noteworthy bands that contributed their own take on the genre.  Through the efforts of Xtreem Music a lot of these groups have had their earlier material re-issued and offered up new albums, sometimes a decade or two after they were last heard from.  This is the case with death/thrash band Canker, who originally re-issued their 1994 debut ‘Physical’ in a compilation that included their earlier demo material.  Now they’re set to release their third full length album ‘Earthquake’ on September 18th, their first all-new material since 1997’s ‘Exquisites Tenderness’.  What you may not know is that this actually isn’t a brand new record from the current incarnation of Canker, but rather a previously finished and unreleased album that’s been lying dormant since 2005.  But you wouldn’t know it upon first listen, and it gives listeners a window of where the band was at this point in time and where they’re likely to be headed in the future.


SPECIAL FEATURE: Spanish Death Metal Roundup

Extreme music today is a global phenomenon. Barring a few remote corners of the world, metal and punk styles have been taken up by bands around the world and in doing so they impart it with a certain style or aesthetic that is native to their land. Having gone through years of globalization, extreme music today can be tracked down to a particular geographic location based on it’s characteristics.

So we decided to focus our spotlights on some of the lesser known scenes from around the world, starting with Spain. People tend to associate Spain with bands like Dark Moor, Mägo de Oz and Avalanch, all of which lean towards the power / progressive end of the metal spectrum. However, Spain happens to be the home for some of the grimiest and most gnarly underground death metal bands active today. So we present to you a list of Spanish death metal bands that you shouldn’t miss out on. ~ Shrivatsan R

Avulsed (Xtreem Music)



Transcending Obscurity Records signs Spanish death/black metal band GLOOM


At Transcending Obscurity Records, we’re looking for bands that are trying to do something innovative and from Spain, Gloom are onto something special. They don’t just play standard death metal but are exploring the extreme end of it, playing something close to brutal death metal one can say but also merging influences of black metal unlike any other. The overall mix is hard-hitting as well as stimulating, and that rarely happens nowadays. Gloom are a great addition to an already diverse band roster.


Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s hard to come across a band that blends in diverse influences without compromising on the heaviness as well as Gloom. Unlike others, they’re merging elements of brutal death metal and even grind with black metal and the result is astonishing. This should serve as a welcome relief from the clones out there. Gloom are here to create a new expression and I’m sure their new album will turn heads all over the world.”

Gloom comment, “When Transcending Obscurity records proposed us to sign with them we did not hesitate for a single second, it was a golden opportunity to take a step further with a record label that frightens the underground extreme metal and that supports bands from all over the world. Some of them are now well known bands and we are really proud to be a part of this roster.

Our next album, the first album with Transcending Obscurity records, will be an evolution in the music of Gloom, the first album with a single guitar and in which we bet for heavier and cruder guitar riffs, greater importance of the bass lines, and with the same rage and power of drums and vocals. There is no doubt that we are very excited about this new stage and that our followers will find in this new album the essence of Gloom with more anger and hatred than ever.”

Gloom Bandcamp | Gloom Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Roster

INTERVIEW + DEMO PREMIERE: Spanish Black/Death Metal Band Supremative

Supremative- Servitude of the Impurity

Spain has produced some of the filthiest and unrelenting black/death metal in recent memory, with bands like Teitanblood and Proclamation destroying everything in their path.  You can now add Supremative to that list, and while this particular band is fairly newer in comparison to those acts they’re already just as destructive and bleak.  Their debut demo ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ came out on cassette and CD back in 2013, but both were in limited pressings and have become fairly hard to find.  So Blood Harvest Records is giving it the vinyl treatment, with a 7” release of 250 copies due out on July 29th.  Today we’re excited to give you a full stream of the demo to check out and see how immense Supremative’s black/death metal sounds this early into their career.


Napalm Death, At the Gates, Autopsy, Vader Singers To Guest On Avulsed’s ‘Deathgeneration’


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Avulsed, the veteran Spanish death metal band decided to commit a very ambitious project which is no other than recording a double album including 18 of their best songs from all their albums, EPs and demos. Instead of just doing a dull compilation with original songs, the band wants to do a “no fillers, just killers” release showing the evolution that the songs have suffered during all these years where the band’s sound has been getting heavier and songs have got slight mutations through the times.

This double album (with a running time of 80 minutes) will be released in a deluxe double CD digipack with slipcase and a thick 40-page booklet containing the original versions on disc number 2 (just for the freaks who hate re-recordings), double gatefold 12″ LP and double cassette with slipcase!! But to make this release even more interesting, Avulsed will have very special guests from other bands singing in most of the songs. They are: Piotr Wiwczarek (Vader), Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates), Sven de Caluwé (Aborted), Antti Boman (Demilich), Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Per Böder (God Macabre), Anton Reisenegger (Pentagram Chile), Kam Lee (ex-Massacre), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer), Mike Van Mastrigt (ex-Sinister), Ville Koskela (Purtenance), Will Rahmer (Mortician), Ludo (Supuration), Johan Jansson (Interment), and last but not least, Paul Zavaleta (Deteriorot). A total of 16 singers in 16 of the songs!!


Checkout their song called “To Sacrifice and Devour” from their latest EP “Altars Of Disembowelment” via Xtreem Music:

Title for this album will be ‘Deathgeneration’, since 25 years means a whole generation devoted to death metal, and cover artwork will be made, once again, by the awesome Juanjo Castellano who worked on the two latest Avulsed releases. The set will be released in the fall, right before the two very special 25th anniversary shows that Avulsed will offer in Madrid (November 19) and Barcelona (November 26). Support bands for the show in Madrid will be another Spanish death metal legend Aposento and newcomers Bizarre who will also open on the Barcelona show accompanied by another band which is confirmed, but cannot be announced yet. An official live CD and DVD will be recorded and filmed in Madrid.

‘Deathgeneration’ will come in a very limited black boxset with silver foiled logo, of which only 100 copies will be made containing the 2-CD, 2-LP and 2-MC. This special cassette release can only be obtained on this boxset that will come with T-shirt, poster, signed photo card, sticker, patch, badge, guitar pick and other goodies. The 2-CD, 2-LP and T-shirt can be obtained separately or in bundles too. For this ambitious (and expensive) project, Avulsed will need the inestimable collaboration of its fans for which the band will release a crowfunding campaign during the next months.

Recording sessions for ‘Deathgeneration’ started on March 24, with drums being recorded at Cadillac Blood Studios with Andy C. (Lord of Black, Saratoga, Kaothic) on production and rest of stuff being recorded at La Casa del Ruido Studios with Daniel Blanco engineering for a later mixing at Overhead Studios by Raul Fournier “Furni” and final mastering again at Unisound Studios by Swedish mastermind Dan Swanö. All this process, including each guest vocalist’s contributions, will be a hard process (just imagine, it’s a double album!), that will take the next three months for which the band has slowed down its live activities.

After playing two shows in Spain in April (Burgos and Oviedo), Avulsed will return to the road in June with a tour in China, followed by a series of great festivals during summer in Germany (Protzen Open Air), Czech Republic (Obscene Extreme and Czech Deathfest) and two of Spain’s biggest festivals (Leyendas and Resurrection) as well as a tour in South America during September.


Source – Avulsed Official Page

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