Greek death metal band ABYSSUS sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Some of you might be familiar with Abyssus as we released their compilation album titled ‘Once Entombed’ back in the day via our sub-label Transcending Obscurity Classics. We couldn’t resist their brand of Obituary-esque death metal but with a ton of thrash elements. Several years later, Abyssus recorded a full length album that can easily […]

Norwegian death metal band DISKORD sign to Transcending Obscurity

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve signed a multiple album and format deal with Norwegian death metal band Diskord, after first signing death/grind band Defect Designer that shares 2/3rd members of Diskord. It’s great to have such talented and innovative bands on the label. Diskord play death metal that’s rooted in the old school sound […]

Death metal legends WOMBBATH sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Transcending Obscurity are proud to announce the signing of Swedish old school death metal veterans Wombbath. They were part of the birth of Swedish death metal and this year are celebrating their 30th year with an EP containing a selection of re-recorded songs from their early years, with a full length to follow later. Label […]

International death metal heavyweights GODS FORSAKEN join Transcending Obscurity roster

Death metal band Gods Forsaken who have members of Wombbath, Asphyx, Just Before Dawn, Heads for the Dead, Nattravnen, etc. in their lineup have signed a multiple album deal with our label. They join the illustrious roster that boasts of bands playing similar death metal such as Master, Paganizer, The Grotesquery, Live Burial, Crawl, Feral, […]

Death metal band VERTHEBRAL from Paraguay sign to Transcending Obscurity

We’re well aware that we’re from an unconventional country for producing metal music like India and know the struggles of putting out music worldwide all too well. We have no qualms in signing up bands from such countries despite the logistical issues and probability of the band being away from the major fests and tours […]