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German doom band HEXER joins Transcending Obscurity Records

It’s great that we’re getting a chance to work with more German bands. In addition to the massively awaited album by Heads For The Dead, which features members of Revel In Flesh among others, we have also announced the signing of Eremit who play stunning doom/sludge metal and Temple Koludra playing black metal and sharing members with Hexer.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s an honour to work with the mesmerizing cosmic doom band Hexer from Germany. Along with label mates Eremit, they are sure to leave a mark where this style goes. Their brand of doom is just what I was looking for – something atmospheric and also intriguing, with the kind of occult heaviness that you can find in their label mates Jupiterian, with whom they toured last year. Their new album is one of my most anticipated releases and I’m sure it’ll be exceptional.”

Hexer members comment, “When Kunal invited us to join the roster of Transcending Obscurity, we already heard a lot about his work and the effort he puts into his releases, by our friends of Jupiterian and the german Trvefrykt-Zine. This collaboration gives us the opportunity, to work on new conceptual ideas and to create new soundscapes for the next chapter of our story. We are extremely stoked, that Transcending Obscurity will join us on this cosmic trip!”

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Brazilian doom/sludge group JUPITERIAN get on Transcending Obscurity Records

Our first band from Brazil happens to be a special one. Jupiterian, an obscure entity playing a commendable yet intriguing form of sludge/doom, join the label to be alongside many doom bands such as Officium Triste (Netherlands), Algoma (Canada), The Slow Death (Australia), Soothsayer (Ireland), Swampcult (Netherlands), The Whorehouse Massacre (Canada), Drug Honkey (US) and lastly Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland). Their new full length is highly awaited and will see a vinyl edition as well, in addition to CD and digital.


Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “It’s my utmost pleasure to work with a band as talented as Jupiterian, from Brazil of all places, and plot the next epic release together. Their brand of sludge/doom music is absolutely mesmerizing while being crushing at the same time. Moreover, their seriousness, their attention to every detail which I found out, is extremely commendable and I’m sure their new full length album, which will be out on multiple formats, will be stupendous. Thanks to V. and the rest of the band mates for giving me this opportunity.”

Jupiterian vocalist/guitarist V. responds, “We are happy this partnership with Transcending Obscurity happened in a moment we are working on new material. The songs are coming so much better than anything we’ve ever done before and it will need a pro label to make it see the light in a proper way.”




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