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SONG PREMIERE + INTERVIEW : US Death Metal Supergroup – Shed the Skin

Shed the Skin’s debut record is something that has been highly anticipated, ever since the release of their EP ‘Rebirth Through Brimstone’. Following an almost two year wait, the band is all set to unleash their full length titled ‘Harrowing Faith’ through Hells Headbangers Records. Dark, Satanic and absolutely vicious, Shed the Skin play death metal in its most fiendish form, with no pandering to one particular sub-genre of this style. Incorporating elements of styles like brutal and melodic death metal, ‘Harrowing Faith’ is a well rounded affair that should come as a treat to any death metal aficionado worth his salt.

Ahead of their 24th June release date, we managed to have a word with the band’s drummer Kyle Severn (who also plays for bands like Incantation and Wolfen Society) the details of which can be read below. Also, we have a brand new song (the title track) streaming to give you a taste of what the album has in store.

Shed the Skin Harrowing Fatih