Swedish death/crust band WORLD IN RUINS sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’re thrilled to work with World In Ruins, a promising death metal/crust band that will further strengthen our roster along with like-minded label mates in Henry Kane, Medium, Goregang, Bones, Down Among The Dead Men, etc. We’re huge into grind and crust and are particularly excited with this development. Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “We […]

Irish grindcore legends ABADDON INCARNATE sign to Transcending Obscurity

We’re huge fans of grind music but we haven’t been able to sign too many, with the exception of Medium, Henry Kane, Morgue Supplier and Marginal. But we’re absolutely ecstatic to have Abaddon Incarnate from Ireland join our roster. It doesn’t hurt that we were huge fans of their music right since their early days. […]