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INTERVIEW/EP PREMIERE: Irish Death Metal Band Zealot Cult

Zealot Cult- Karmenian Crypt

Blood Harvest Records has had a busy 2016, with almost every month bringing a new EP, mini-album, or full length from the label worth checking out.  One of their latest additions is Ireland’s Zealot Cult, who self-released their newest EP ‘Karmenian Crypt’ on CD in March.  Blood Harvest is giving the EP the vinyl treatment on October 24th, and will release the band’s upcoming full length sometime next year.  For a band that calls Ireland home, Zealot Cult certainly sounds a lot like American death metal of the Floridian variety.  But that’s not a bad thing when they do it this well, and you can hear for yourself as we have an exclusive stream of ‘Karmenian Crypt’ available to check out below.


INTERVIEW+EP PREMIERE: Finnish Thrash/Speed Metal Band Excuse

Excuse- Goddess Injustice

When you think of Finnish metal, death and black metal tends to be what comes to mind more frequently than some of the other sub-genres.  But there are groups out there flying the old-school speed metal and thrash flags as high as possible.  Excuse is a perfect example, as the band formed in 2009 and has released a demo and EP that put their own spin on aggressive, blistering thrash/speed metal.  Three years after the ‘Path to Extinction’ EP Excuse is back with a new four-song EP titled ‘Goddess Injustice’, which will see a vinyl release from Hells Headbangers and Shadow Kingdom Records on September 30th.  With the release date so close, we’re excited to have the opportunity to present you with a full stream of the EP alongside an interview with three of the members of the band.


EP PREMIERE: Hungarian Black/Death Metal Band Crushed Infamy

Crushed Infamy- I

I always like when new projects appear out of thin air with releases that have a clear vision.  In recent times there have been plenty of bands that have fit this description, with many keeping their locations or identities secret, allowing the material to speak for itself.  This is the case with Crushed Infamy, who has kept the details about their band to a minimum.  The only information comes from label Taphephobia Productions, who describes their debut 7” EP as follows:

Savage and psychotic War Noise from Pécs, Hungary. Traditional black death riffs layered with power electronics-like soundscapes. 6 minutes of abrasive audial violation.



INTERVIEW + EP PREMIERE: U.S. Death Metal Band Impure Consecration

Impure Consecration- Succumb to Impurity Fire

Blood Harvest has a trio of killer releases planned for July 29th, and we’ve already premiered material from Supremative and Tomb Mold.  The last of the three set to come out on this date is Impure Consecration’s EP ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ which will be released on 7”.  Formed by A. Carillo (Invocation War) as a solo project that has since expanded to a full band, Impure Consecration plays death metal that has a hellish, occult sound to it and they’ve released quite a bit of material in a short period of time.  ‘Succumb to Impurity Fire’ follows a 2015 demo as well as a split and EP that already came out earlier in the year, and presents listeners with two new songs of monumental proportions.  You can stream both below.