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VIDEO PREMIERE+INTERVIEW: Spanish Death/Thrash Band Canker

Canker- Earthquake

While not as well-known abroad, the 90s Spanish death metal scene had quite a few noteworthy bands that contributed their own take on the genre.  Through the efforts of Xtreem Music a lot of these groups have had their earlier material re-issued and offered up new albums, sometimes a decade or two after they were last heard from.  This is the case with death/thrash band Canker, who originally re-issued their 1994 debut ‘Physical’ in a compilation that included their earlier demo material.  Now they’re set to release their third full length album ‘Earthquake’ on September 18th, their first all-new material since 1997’s ‘Exquisites Tenderness’.  What you may not know is that this actually isn’t a brand new record from the current incarnation of Canker, but rather a previously finished and unreleased album that’s been lying dormant since 2005.  But you wouldn’t know it upon first listen, and it gives listeners a window of where the band was at this point in time and where they’re likely to be headed in the future.


ALBUM STREAM: Tyrants Blood- Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tyrants Blood- Into the Kingdom of Graves

Tridroid Records has been busy this year, and they’re not done yet.  December 23rd will see the release of a vinyl re-issue of Tyrants Blood third full length ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’.  The Canadian black/death metal band originally released this album in 2013, and this vinyl edition will come with new liner notes from guitarist Marco Banco and a download code for the band’s compilation album ‘Coven’ (released a year later in 2014).  I was all about ‘Into the Kingdom of Graves’ when it originally came out, and with the re-issue fast approaching I’m happy to have the opportunity to present you with a stream of the entire release.  Which gives me another chance to tell you just how destructive of a force Tyrants Blood is, as they’ve gone under the radar for a good number of people despite having been around for a decade and that should definitely change.


SPLIT PREMIERE: Evil Madness and Infant Death Deliver a Thrash Attack

Evil Madness/Infant Death Split

The Gravehill/Mordbrand split wasn’t the only slab of killer vinyl Doomentia Records released on the 18th, as the same day also saw the release of a split between Chile’s Evil Madness and Norway’s Infant Death on vinyl.  Released earlier in the year as a limited run cassette from Ancestral Terror Records and CD from Deathrash Armageddon, this is the first time these tracks have been available on vinyl.  Both bands offer different takes on thrash, but keep things as old-school as possible and provide the same of unrelenting intensity and chaotic feel that are sure to remind listeners of some of the best acts from the genre’s earlier days.


INTERVIEW/ALBUM PREMIERE: U.S. Death/Thrash Band Crucified Mortals

Crucified Mortals- Psalms of the Dead Choir

It has been a few years since we last heard from Cleveland death/thrash band Crucified Mortals.  Though the group out a single and two splits in 2013, it has been over five years since their self-titled full length in 2011.  In the time that passed, the band went from a full lineup to a duo.  Reaper brought in Ash Thomas (Shed the Skin, FaithXtractor) on drums in 2012, and began to work on what would ultimately end up becoming ‘Psalms of the Dead Choir’.  With the release of the album on digital and CD formats approaching on October 28th via Hells Headbangers (vinyl is in the works but won’t be out until January 27th), we’re excited to give you an exclusive stream of the record alongside an extensive interview with Reaper.  This is some of the finest death/thrash you’ll come across in 2016 for sure!


SONG PREMIERE: Salvadoran Death/Thrash Metal Band Conceived by Hate

Conceived by Hate- Death & Beyond

When it comes to killer death/thrash metal, Central and South America have plenty of bands worth taking note of.  From the earliest days of the genre to present day there’s plenty to like, and one of the groups to come across my radar recently is El Salvador’s Conceived by Hate.  Though they’ve been around since 2002, originally formed under the name Spiritual Demise before adopting their current name in 2003, this year’s ‘Death & Beyond’ is my first exposure to their music.  Due out on November 13th as a three way collaboration between Satanath Records, Morbid Skull Records, and Deathgasm Records, you know a band is capable of making an impression when three respected underground team up to release their album.  Today we’re premiering the title track from the album, the final and longest song that ‘Death & Beyond’ has to offer.


ALBUM PREMIERE: Canadian Death/Thrash Band The Franks Daredevils

The Franks Daredevils- Dead Inside

Quebec musician Frank Dubé originally formed Hell Fire’s Club 666 back in 2005, which played a mix of old-school U.S. death metal and 90s style groove/thrash.  After releasing a demo in 2008 the project went dormant for a while, ultimately reemerging in 2011 under the name The Franks Daredevils.  Dubé has taken his time in getting material together for his debut with this re-named project, and the resulting effort ‘Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis Domine’ came out as an independent release in April.  Polish label Via Nocturna has picked it up for expanded distribution on CD in a slightly altered format, with a different track list and the title ‘Dead Inside’.  With the release date set for tomorrow, August 26th, we’re pleased to present you with a full stream of the album.


Sathanas are the latest band to get signed to Transcending Obscurity Records


Long-running US death/thrash/black metal band Sathanas are committed to release a full length album under Transcending Obscurity Records. Since 1988 the band have been around, churning out one vicious album after the other, achieving a cult status over the years, or decades. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Paul Tucker is stoked about the new release which should see the light of day late in 2016.

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi says, “Sathanas are pure old school metal warriors. They’ve been at it for years, honing their craft, and I feel they deserve a lot more. Paul has been in touch with me for long and I’m very happy to finally get a chance to work with this excellent band. Their passion remains undiminished every after decades and their steely and mighty death/thrash/black sound is unparalleled.”

Sathanas vocalist/guitarist Paul Tucker states, “We are looking forward to working with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity. We are hearing positive feedback from all bands and people in the music field that Kunal is dedicated to his bands and believes promotion is key along side a great release. Sathanas have been on some good labels over the years but we were always lacking in the promotion side of it. With Kunal’s drive and persistence, we feel Sathanas will get the recognition we deserve.”

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