US black metal band NOLTEM sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We haven’t been signing a lot of bands lately and it’s even more so the case when it comes to black metal but sometimes you come across music that appeals to you strongly and you’re forced to reconsider your plans. Noltem happens to be that band. I’ve never heard of them before but their music […]

French death metal band VIANDE sign to Transcending Obscurity

We haven’t been signing too many bands of late but earlier this year we couldn’t resist signing one upon listening to Viande‘s mesmerizing brand of dark and eerie death metal. Fans of bands on the label such as Xpus, Trench Warfare, Jupiterian, Death Courier, P.H.O.B.O.S., etc. should definitely be into their music! Here’s the band’s […]

US black metal band Sarcoptes sign to Transcending Obscurity

Even though we included one of Sarcoptes‘ new songs on the previous label sampler, here’s more information on the band along with the official statement and information on the upcoming release. Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m pleased to work with a band of the calibre of Sarcoptes. It was made clear from their debut […]

French Sludge/Doom band SUBTERRAEN sign to Transcending Obscurity

We never thought that we would have to categorize sludge metal as a genre differently in our roster. I mean, it’s normally lumped together with doom metal because we thought that would suffice but it’s just fantastic that we’ve grown to include many such bands on our label that deserve their own distinction. One such […]

German black metal band VORGA sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’ve got an excellent selection of black metal bands on the label and the latest to join the roster is the promising band Vorga from Germany. They’ve released a stunner of an EP in ‘Radiant Gloom’ and the new material is bound to take them places. The band had this to say about the signing […]

Italian black metal band GHOSTLY AERIE COVEN sign to Transcending Obscurity

We’re glad to work with yet another competent Italian extreme metal band, after enlisting others such as Hateful, Esogenesi, Xpus, Noctu, etc. on the label’s diverse roster. We’re very picky when it comes to black metal and we found something inexplicably moving in Ghostly Aerie Coven‘s music. I hope we can nurture their undeniable talent […]

Wardaemonic reveal new album info for their maiden Transcending Obscurity release

Australian black metal act Wardaemonic are ready to unleash their new full length album called ‘Acts of Repentance’. This will be the first time the band will be working with a label and we’re honoured to have them working with us on this album. Their addition further solidifies the dominance of Australian bands on our […]