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SONG PREMIERE: Greek Black Metal Band Inhibitions

Inhibitions- La Danse Macabre

Satanath Records has been on a roll when it comes to finding noteworthy black metal from around the world.  One of their latest signings is Greek black metal duo Inhibitions, a group that has been around since 2008 and has released two full length albums to date.  Despite flying under the radar until now, it’s clear on the group’s upcoming release ‘La Danse Macabre’ that they’re worth paying attention to thanks to a mixture of foreboding symphonic elements and the icy, jagged edges of traditional black metal.  With the album due out January 13th as a co-release between Satanath and Ira Aeterna, today we’re premiering the song Rusty Razor.


SONG PREMIERE: Colombian Black Metal Band Evil Nerfal

Evil Nerfal- Bellum Est Pater Omnium

Colombian black metal band Evil Nerfal has been lurking in the underground for close to a decade now, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the group released their debut full length ‘Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.’.   With their roots in European and South American black metal, the group delivered a dose of scorching material that emphasized blistering riffing and speed.   Close to two years have passed since then and now the band is prepping their sophomore effort ‘Bellum Est Pater Omnium’, due out January 9th on GrimmDistribution and Morbid Skull Records.  With this effort Evil Nerfal has let some death metal influences seep into their black metal and tightened up their production values without losing that unhinged and chaotic feeling from before.  Today we’re premiering the song Foedus Versus Deus (Against the Great Drone of History) so you can hear what these Colombian maniacs have to offer.


ALBUM PREMIERE: Finnish Black Metal Band Perdition Winds

Perdition Winds- Transcendent Emptiness

Though this may be the first exposure to Finnish black metal band Perdition Winds for many of you, the group has been honing their craft for the better part of seven years through releases with well-known labels like Woodcut, Darker Than Black, and Satanath.  Featuring members that are also in Desolate Shrine, Corpsessed, and Lie in Ruins, they may come from more of a death metal background but over the course of an EP, full length, and split the band has proven their ability to do the harsh and hellish black metal sound justice.  For album number two, ‘Transcendent Emptiness’, Perdition Winds has debuted their new vocalist J.I. and signed with Hellthrasher Productions.  The resulting effort finds them branching out a bit further towards without losing their abrasive, dense instrumentation.  With the album due out on CD and digital formats on December 8th (with vinyl set to come out in January), today we’re pleased to offer you a stream of the entire release.


SONG PREMIERE: Swiss Black Metal Band Enoid

Enoid- Livssyklus & Dodssyklus

Swiss musician Ormenos can be hard to keep up with, as he’s involved with a slew of different black metal bands within both a studio and live capacity.  This year alone he’s been on releases from Pure, Oculus, and Serpen Luminis and now with the end of 2017 approaching Ormenos has put together ‘Livssyklus & Dodssyklus’ which is a compilation of his first two full lengths as Enoid.  Compared to the industrial black metal of his other main project Borgne, Enoid has always channeled dark and violent black metal that pulled from a number of second-wave influences.  Last year’s ‘Exilé aux confins des tourments’ left a strong impression, and now with the impending release of the compilation via GrimmDistribution and Final Gate Records on December 16th we invite you to listen to a remastered version of Riruom.


SONG PREMIERE: Russian Depressive Black Metal Band Taiga

Taiga- Cosmos

Russian depressive black metal band Taiga has maintained a steady pace of material since 2014, putting out a full length each year alongside a number of EP’s.  This year’s album ‘Cosmos’, the group’s fourth overall, finds band founder Nikolay Seredov pushing towards some new territory while also heading back towards some styles found on his earliest releases.  Now joined by Satanath Records owner and Abigorum member Aleksey Korolyov on keyboards, ‘Cosmos’ is an exploration of the self and what happens as one pushes themselves outsides of those confines.  Set for release on December 15th as a co-release between Symbol of Domination Productions and Final Gate Records, today we bring you a premiere of the song Жить.


SONG PREMIERE: Iranian Black Metal Band Garhelenth

Garhelenth- ‘About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy’

Satanath Record has been one of the better record labels out there when it comes to exposing listeners to metal from all corners of the globe, and this is once again the case with the upcoming release of Garhelenth’s second full length ‘About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy’.  Originally based in Iran before moving to Georgia and Armenia, the black metal group formed as the solo project of guitarist/vocalist Hilnorgoth in 2010, with second guitarist Sagroth joining in 2014.  Since that time Garhelenth has released quite a bit of material, with this year’s full length following an EP, album, and split in 2016.  With ‘About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy’ set to come out December 14th as a co-release between Satanath Records and The Eastern Front, today we’re excited to premiere the song Moral To Pessimist.


NIGREDO from Greece sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

We’re thankful to get support for all genres where it comes to our label, and the addition of NIGREDO to our roster couldn’t have come at a better time. 2017 has been great with very well received releases of all kinds of black metal bands like SOMNIUM NOX, NORSE, THE FUROR, MRTVI, ARALLU and even AFFLIKTOR, and 2018 looks even better with NIGREDO‘s new full length leading the way. One of their songs is streaming already and will also be a part of the upcoming Transcending Obscurity label sampler due in January 2018.

Transcending Obscurity Records owner Kunal Choksi states, “I’m extremely fortunate to come across some excellent bands and NIGREDO are definitely right up there. Their style of black/death metal is not only hard-hitting but also superbly concocted with the right sound and atmosphere. I feel it will go down as one of the highlights of 2018, when the album is scheduled for release. It’s been a breeze to work with A. thus far, who’s also in the reputed band RAVENCULT, and I can only hope that the band can get the attention they rightfully deserve by working with our international label.”

NIGREDO member A. comments, “For the release of the first full-length album of NIGREDO we were given the chance to work with Kunal and Transcending Obscurity Records. The label has already become a considerable force within the underground extreme metal scene in the recent years and is still growing with a constant stream of high quality releases. So let Saturn’s light of demise reach every obscure corner with the release of our album ‘Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced’ in 2018!”

Current lineup:
A. –  Guitars, Vocals, Bass (RAVENCULT)

‘Flesh Torn – Spirit Pierced’ tracklisting:
1. Ten Repellent Antiforces
2. Necrolatry
3. Choronzon Possession
4. Mental Glimpses At Cosmic Horrors
5. Saturnian Death Cult
6. Sons Of Worthlessness
7. Towards The Monolith
8. Raging Tides Of Time

The album is scheduled for release early next year. Watch out for this one.

NIGREDO Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Records Bandcamp


SONG PREMIERE: Lebanese Black Metal/Punk Band Ayat

Ayat- Carry On, Carrion!

Ayat’s second full length has been a long time coming.  The Lebanese group turned heads with ‘Six Years of Dormant Hatred’ back in 2008, a violent and over the top combination of black metal and punk with an industrial backbone.  Their follow-up effort ‘Carry On, Carrion!’ was announced by Moribund Records way back in 2010, resurfacing a few times over the past few years.  Like many, I wondered if the album would end up seeing the light of day or if this was the last we had heard from the band.  On November 24th ‘Carry On, Carrion!’ will finally see release and today we’re premiering the opening track of the album, Raw War (Beirut unveils her pussy once more).


REVIEW + INTERVIEW: Japanese Post Hardcore/Metal Band heaven in her arms

heaven in her arms- White Halo

Japan’s heaven in her arms has been together for close to twelve years now, but depending on where you live you may not have come across them before.  While they’ve had regular distribution in their home country and Europe, North American listeners have been limited to imports.  That’s changed with this year’s full length ‘White Halo’, which following releases by Daymare Recordings, Moment of Collapse Records, and Dog Knights Productions has been given official U.S. distribution courtesy of Translation Loss Records.  Whether you’ve been a fan since early on or are discovering heaven in her arms for the first time, the group’s take on older screamo, post hardcore, and metal impresses throughout.


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