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ALBUM PREMIERE: Italian Sludge/Doom Band Sator

Sator- Ordeal

Two years after their debut full length, Italian sludge/doom band Sator has returned with their sophomore effort ‘Ordeal’.  Sludge/doom is one of those genre tags that can mean a lot of different things, ranging from Black Sabbath worship to ugly, bleak riffing a la Grief.  What caught my attention about Sator was that the five songs on ‘Ordeal’ seemed to bridge the gap between everything sludge and doom encompasses, as the group is able to seamlessly weave together room shaking heavy grooves with bleak tonality and a psychedelic flair.  With the album’s September 1st release date fast approaching, today we’re excited to present you with a full stream so you can hear for yourself all of the different elements Sator is capable of channeling.


ALBUM PREMIERE: Italian Sludge/Doom Band OTUS

OTUS- 7.83Hz

Italian sludge/doom band OTUS has been around since 2012, releasing a demo in 2013 before taking several years to put together their full length debut.  The resulting effort ‘7.​83Hz’, originally released independently in 2016, is a 70 minute concept album that was inspired by Timothy Leary’s quote: “Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out”.  If you missed this one last year, Argonauta Records is giving you another chance to experience the group’s take on lucid detachment and becoming fully in tune with the universe through their music, as they’ll be giving ‘7.83Hz’ an expanded CD release on March 20th.  Today we’re excited to re-introduce the album in full to give you a chance to experience OTUS’ take on the realms of harsh and meditative doom.



So today we have the opportunity of doing a full album stream for the Spanish sludge/doom monsters Mothersloth on the respected Italian label for this kind of music, Argonauta Records. The music is of high quality, building up slowly but setting up a solid foundation of what’s to come. It’s immediately reminiscent of early Danzig but the doom influences seep in and make things interesting and heavier. Overall, it’s a smooth yet grainy affair, with some massive riffing going on to soaring vocals. The whole album resonates with an old school vibe but the sound isn’t necessary dated. It’s this melding of genres that lends to it a fresh feel, something wholly intriguing and charming. It’s been a while since I heard someone try and sing like Glenn Danzig, and even though the vocalist here isn’t exactly trying to imitate him, the influence is healthy and well sustained. The album maintains an uptempo plodding momentum and doesn’t wallow too much in the sludge trappings, and coupled with inspiring vocals, elevates it above hordes of other such bands.

‘Moon Omen’ comes out on March 3rd, 2017 and happens to be the band’s second full length album. Argonauta have a fine album to offer and fans of heavy metal/doom metal will be sure to derive some pleasure out of it. Stream the album in its entirety below and don’t forget to support the music if you like it!

Argonauta Records | Argonauta Records Facebook | Mothersloth Facebook 



VIDEO PREMIERE: Italian Sludge/Doom Band WOWS


Italian atmospheric sludge/doom band WOWS released their newest album ‘AION’ in November of last year via Argonauta Records, and since its release they’ve put out a video for the song Riwka.  Not all bands do videos these days, so it’s always interesting to see what groups come up with and how it ties into their music.  Rikwa captured their live performance at the deconsecrated church Santa Maria in Chiavica (Verona, Italy), but their newest video is a music video with a full narrative.  Today we’re exclusively premiering this video, which is set to the song Nemesi.


SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Doom/Heavy Rock Band Monolith Wielder

Monolith Wielder- Monolith Wielder

If there’s one thing Pittsburgh knows how to do well, it’s how to rock.  In the words of my friend RJ who lives in the area, there’s plenty of good rocking to be found in Pittsburgh.  Monolith Wielder definitely fits this description, and while they skew towards the doom side of the spectrum there are still plenty of hard rocking grooves to be found.  Formed in 2014, Monolith Wielder will be releasing their self-titled debut full length on October 17th via Italy’s Argonauta Records.  Today we’re bringing you an exclusive premiere of the song Illumnation, the opening track from the album.


ALBUM PREMIERE: Slovenian Doom/Sludge Band Beneath the Storm

Beneath the Storm- Lucid Nightmare

Since releasing ‘Temples of Doom’ in 2013, Beneath the Storm has maintained a frantic pace and put out an album every single year.  The solo work of Slovenian musician/vocalist Shimon, Beneath the Storm’s previous three albums have skirted the line between traditional doom, funeral doom, and sludge, with tense bottom heavy riffing and harsh lower pitched screams supplemented by horror movie sound clips.  Each one has taken a slightly different approach while keeping these core elements, which is why ‘Lucid Nightmare’ might take anyone who has heard his previous material by surprise.  Due out on July 4th in Italy and August 1st worldwide on Argonauta Records, there are still plenty of abrasive, sludgy riffs to be found on the album but the vocals represent a significant departure from Shimon’s prior work.  Gone are the distorted screams and growls, with gruff clean singing that has a distinctive grunge influence.