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Swedish Death Metal/Crust band HENRY KANE with WOMBBATH, ASHCLOUD member sign to Transcending Obscurity Records

Henry Kane is the brainchild of Jonny Pettersson who is a part of bands like Wombbath, Ashcloud, Ursinne and Just Before Dawn. With such serious credentials, it was hard not to ignore his music, and when it came to his new band Henry Kane, the crusty death metal and the ferocious grind-like intensity was unparalleled. It was like the early days of Swedish death metal all over again but with mind-numbing forceful execution.


Kunal Choksi states, “I was blown away by the sheer intensity of this new band’s music comprising of members of Wombbath, Ashcloud, Ursinne, etc. To listen to authentic Swedish death metal channelled through the crust/punk prism is refreshing as hell and reminds me of the early Dismember outputs, also Nihilist and Carnage material to say the least. Henry Kane‘s album is probably the most intense and sonically ferocious album of its ilk you’ll hear in early 2017. Be prepared for mind-melting Swedish death/crust music.”

Jonny Pettersson comments, “With this album I am marking 20 years of recording extreme metal. So when hunting for a label, it was important to find one that would do this album justice. And after speaking with Kunal of Transcending Obscurity Records, it quickly became clear that this is a the label to do so. Transcending Obscurity Records is making it’s mark on the metal scene and I am proud to be apart of that.”


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