POEMA ARCANVS – Zipped Hoodie (Limited to 30)




This is probably our best looking zipped hoodie yet. The artist has done an excellent job with the same and has opted for huge sleeve prints. This design is unique only for the zipped hoodie. It’s printed on soft cotton material and comes with a long lasting metal zipper. It’s a stunner.

Chilean doom metal band Poema Arcanvs have built up a legendary status over the years, having been around since the ’90s to be precise and releasing one impressive album after the other. Inspired originally by the UK doom bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathama and My Dying Bride, they’ve forged a powerful, soulful sound which they have perfected over the years. Stardust Solitude is their sixth full length album where they take things to a different level, adding better dynamics and expanding the scope of the music. This is a beautiful album that unravels gracefully, revealing a wealth of variations and moods that few bands are able to create and sustain for the entire duration of the album. The more you listen to it, the more it entrances you with its gentle yet plaintive melodies and entreating vocals that remain with you like warnings from the other side. Dive into this immersive album and emerge a changed person, one rich with profound sensations and a more sentient outlook on life.

Official Bandcamp – https://poemaarcanvsdoom.bandcamp.com

Release date – August 28, 2020

Line up –
Claudio Carrasco – Vocals
Juan Diaz – Bass Guitar
Igor Leiva – Guitar
Luis Moya – Drums

Artwork by Enzo Toledo

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Doom Metal






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