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Here’s an amazing combo deal where you get the latest albums of dissonant bands Norse and Veilburner at a discounted price and also save a lot on shipping. Do bear in mind that the Veilburner vinyl comes in a double LP format! If you aren’t aware of the mind-blowing music of Veilburner yet, you can check it out here – veilburnerband.bandcamp.com



Dissonant black metal entity Norse have forged a unique sound over the years playing intense, bleak and somewhat futuristic music which they’ve only honed with each subsequent album. They play calculated, atonal yet highly rhythmic music delivered with machine-like precision which sounds markedly different and refreshing when most black metal bands are too reliant on their progenitors for laying down the framework. Never does it seem as though they’ve lost their way delving deep into the dissonant territories; Norse have a predefined trajectory even with its myriad variations and undulations. They adhere to their mutated sound which is awash with harsh, venomous vocals, adding character to the otherworldly mechanised riffing and unrelenting spasmodic waves of blasting. This long-running Australian band have created singular music that not only defies the trends but also holds its own alongside that of other similar-minded contemporaries on the label such as Replicant, Veilburner and Crypts of Despair.

releases September 25, 2021

Line up –
Lyrics, Themes and Vocals – ADR
All Arrangements, Instruments and Mixing – Forge

Additional vocals and lyrics on Blight – K. Southcott
Bass written and recorded – K. Southcott

Official release date – October 8th, 2021

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LP Colour Variants

"Norse V1 with Veilburner V1", "Norse V1 with Veilburner V2", "Norse V1 with Veilburner V3", "Norse V2 with Veilburner V1", "Norse V2 with Veilburner V2", "Norse V2 with Veilburner V3", "Norse V3 with Veilburner V1", "Norse V3 with Veilburner V2", "Norse V3 with Veilburner V3"




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