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Greytomb (Australia) – Monumental Microcosm Gold-embossed Black Box Set



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These box sets are limited and have a metallic gold embossing on the front. Each of them contain the following items –
1) Digipak CD of the ‘Monumental Microcosm’ album in matt-finish
2) Guitar pick with the band’s logo comparable to the thick Jazz III make
3) A3 size poster of the band’s extended artwork
4) Sticker of the album artwork

Thought-provoking and invigorating, GREYTOMB’s music traverses through territories known and unknown, and melds influences of various sub-styles to create music that’s holds its own when compared with the rest and even has repeat value. Their new album distills their best elements ranging from post-black metal to even DSBM into music that’s outwardly expansive and atmospheric while being sincerely emotive. ‘Monumental Microcosm’ is yet another testament to the prowess of Australian black metal and complement their label mates NORSE and SOMNIUM NOX superbly while sharing their masterful drummer Forge.

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Atmospheric, Black Metal


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