DØDSFERD – Album Artwork Long Sleeve T-shirt (Limited to 25 nos.)




This is a beautiful long sleeve version with the fiery album artwork as the main front print and a similar special print on the right sleeve, whereas the left one has the title of their accomplished latest full length. These are printed on high quality cotton material and are limited to strictly 25.

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Greek black metal heroes DØDSFERD have been toiling hard in the underground, releasing albums with untainted passion and bold vision. Be it their raw black metal sound that they started off with, or their excursion into DSBM and black/punk styles, they’ve maintained that all along. On their latest album, they’ve further refined the sound and take the best elements from everything that they’ve been known for and much more. The songs are perfectly tempered and resonate with familiar emotions of anguish, hopelessness, and contempt for humanity and its capability for committing despicable acts time and again. This is a dark and fiery album rife with palpable emotions with shades of melancholy and despair. It is a testament to the expressive power this style holds without straying too far from its core sound.

shipping out on or around March 15, 2020

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Black Metal, Old School




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