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Depravity Limited Edition Autographed Gold-embossed Box Set


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For the first time, we’re offering AUTOGRAPHED box sets by the entire band. These are not digital signatures but actual signatures on hand-numbered certificate cards. Moreover, these box sets are fully printed and have a gold-embossed logo. Each one of them contains the following items –

1) Autographed and hand-numbered certificate
2) Jewel case CD with gloss paper booklet
3) A3 size poster of the magnificent album artwork by Alex Tartsus (De Profundis, Sinister)
4) 4″ x 4″ album artwork coaster in gloss finish
5) Sticker of the ‘Evil Upheaval’ album artwork
6) Guitar pick of the band’s logo of roughly Jazz III make


Death metal was meant to be an assault on the senses but somewhere along the way bands started taking it easy, getting complacent. Enter Depravity from Australia. They show us how it’s to be done, to play devastating death metal without straying from the genre’s roots. This is what Morbid Angel should’ve sounded like today. There’s no going back or forth. This is it. This is the fiercest expression of death metal while remaining relevant. Louis Rando (Impiety, The Furor) and his team of musicians conjure up a maelstrom of wicked death metal that lays waste to all else. Vile, twisted and deafeningly heavy, ‘Evil Upheaval’ is one of the most powerful albums you’ll bear witness to this year.

For fans of – Immolation, Morbid Angel, The Furor, Hour of Penance, Suffocation, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Drawn and Quartered, Incantation

Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader)

Artwork by Alex Tartsus (De Profundis, Sinister)

Louis Rando – Drums
Lynton Cessford – Guitar
Jamie Kay – Vocals
Ainsley Watkins – Bass
Jarrod Curly – Guitar

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Death Metal, Old School


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