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2022 Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler Denim Jacket


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After taking a lot of effort trying to figure out how to make denim merch and nail the quality, we’re thrilled to finally announce high quality denim jackets starting with this label sampler! It’s made of the best quality material for denim – 100% cotton and suitably thick and durable – and comes with metal buttons too. This jacket comes with a shaped Transcending Obscurity logo patch on the front in silver and there’s a full colour artwork print on the back that’s made by none other than Mariusz Lewandowski. You can use it as it is or make your own battle jacket out of it.


Sizes for reference –
Small: Chest 18″ / Length 25″
Medium: Chest 20″ /
 Length 26″
Large: Chest 22″ / Length 27″
Extra Large: Chest 24″ / Length 28″
Extra Extra Large: Chest 26″ / Length 29″
Extra Extra Extra Large: Chest 28″ / Length 30″


shipping out on or around February 15, 2022



This is easily our most interesting label sampler, showcasing our new direction with more extreme, challenging and innovative music than the conventional ones on our roster. While there is still a healthy mix of the two, the future will see more forward-thinking music on the label. Ultimately though, it’s all about the quality of music, and like always, there’s enough diversity where all of this goes. Most of the bands participating here have yet to come up with new album material so the pace of the releases will eventually be curtailed. There are still commitments to fulfill and towards that end we’ll do our best but 2022 will definitely see fewer releases than the recent years preceding it. Our intention is to delve into the music and do justice to it, using the platform that we’ve created over the years to give it the output and push it deserves. As always, we can’t thank the bands enough for working with us and entrusting us with the propagation of their music, and of course to everyone who has supported the label in any way.

released January 1, 2022

The label sampler has been segregated (probably for the last time) in the following manner, with emphasis given to the flow than anything else really –

Tracks 1-12 – death metal
Tracks 13-15 – black metal
Tracks 16-30 – dissonant/brutal/atmospheric/experimental death metal
Tracks 30-33 – grindcore
Tracks 34-35 – doom/sludge metal

Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg

2022 Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler




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