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MORBID EVILS + ET MORIEMUR LP Combo (Huge Discount!)


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Here’s a special combo deal where you get the latest albums of the doom bands Morbid Evils and Et Moriemur at a discounted price and you also save a lot on shipping this way. Fans of this style of music should definitely look into this! You can check out Et Moriemur’s superbly received new album here if you haven’t yet – 


item ships out on or around December 30, 2022





Helmed by the Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Niinimaa, Finnish band Morbid Evils give us their own dark, twisted and unbearably heavy interpretation of death/doom/sludge metal music which is both awe-inspiring and riveting. They trudge ponderously as if through a toxic, miasmic swamp, giving little idea as to where they’re headed, and then suddenly pick up speed and lash out or resort to earth-trembling heaving parts as a way of culminating their suspenseful journey spread out over four monolithic songs. Each one brings out different aspects of the curious personality, and it only helps in deciphering this phantasmagorical beast. Through rapid evolution, this entity has only grown stronger with each album, imbibing a plethora of human emotions to make their expression even more impactful without cutting down on its girth. A fascinating album devoid of any weaknesses, ‘Supernaturals’ is not only the band’s landmark release but it also takes the sound ahead for the style as a whole.

For fans of – Primitive Man, Jupiterian, 71TonMan, Winter, Thou, Conan, Grief, Warcrab

releases August 19, 2022

Line up –
Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound) – Vocals, Guitars, Octaver Bass, Samples
Jarno Virkki – Drums
Tuomas Varila – Lead Guitar

Artwork by Dawid Figielek

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Weight 1.3 kg


LP Colour Variants

Morbid Evils V1 with Et Moriemur V1, Morbid Evils V1 with Et Moriemur V2, Morbid Evils V1 with Et Moriemur V3, Morbid Evils V2 with Et Moriemur V1, Morbid Evils V2 with Et Moriemur V2, Morbid Evils V2 with Et Moriemur V3, Morbid Evils V3 with Et Moriemur V1, Morbid Evils V3 with Et Moriemur V2, Morbid Evils V3 with Et Moriemur V3


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