The Whorehouse Massacre T-Shirt + FREE Poster




Yes, you get a free poster with the mighty T-shirt featuring Scott Stearns (Fistula) artwork.  About the band, The Whorehouse Massacre are a unique force from Canada delving into suffocating, dense and frankly downright menacing sludge/doom metal. These guys are not here to enthrall you by playing groovy stoner tunes, not necessarily, but they stick to their stoic and frighteningly heavy style of hazy, hypnotic and overdrive stomp. Leads are ensconced in the miasmic texture of this monolith-in-motion, little rays of hope that don’t get too far. The Whorehouse Massacre are a reminder to all of the sheer power this style of music possesses – not everything needs to be fast and technical. This one gets the job done by just its very demeanour. ‘Altar of the Goat Skull/VI.’ are the band’s latest EPs rolled into one ceaseless album, released as a precursor to the debut full length coming soon on Transcending Obscurity (main label).

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