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BURIAL HORDES + DECIPHER LP Combo (Huge Discount!)


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Here’s a special combo deal where you get the latest albums of the highly acclaimed Greek bands Burial Hordes and Decipher at a discounted price and you also save a lot on shipping this way. Fans of top-notch black/death metal music should definitely look into this! You can check out Decipher’s music here if you haven’t yet –

Emerging after a gap of five years, Greece’s best kept secret Burial Hordes bring forth an outstanding slab of blackened death metal that harnesses both chaos and atmosphere in equal parts. A fearsome album right off the bat, it sees the band slipping into different dimensions only to come back with renewed anger. There is a sense of barely restrained outrage that is all too palpable in the forceful delivery but is almost invariably mitigated by dissonant atmospheric passages, occasionally even bearing shades of melancholy. Ruins is a beautifully balanced album with intuitive songwriting that never feels abrupt, and with their skillful, inextricable blend of black and death metal influences, they convey a wider range of emotions for an album this intense. It’s easily one of the best albums of late in this blackened death metal spectrum.

FFO: Decipher, Bølzer, Incantation, Dead Congregation, Grave Miasma, Deathspell Omega, Suffering Hour, Enshadowed

Official release date – August 25th, 2023


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Weight 1.0 kg
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Burial Hordes with Decipher V1 LP, Burial Hordes with Decipher V2 LP




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