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Q: Free shipping worldwide! Why?
A: Because we don’t believe in hidden costs. What you see is what you ultimately pay. All costs are inclusive of shipping anywhere in the world.

Q: How long does it take for my order?
A: Within India, it takes up to 2-4 days depending on how close you are placed from Mumbai aka Bombay. Outside India, it takes only 1-2 weeks to Europe, Asia and Australia and 2-3 weeks to North America, South America and elsewhere. All our orders are sent by courier within the country and by registered airmail outside the country.

Q: My T-shirt is too tight/loose so can I replace it?
A: No, all orders placed are final. We can’t put up used T-shirts for sale for others. Our T-shirts are usually conforming to the international standards where it comes to the sizes. Please keep that in mind.

Q: How do we get the free CD?
A: Simply mention your choice of free CD in the ‘Order Notes’ field while checking out and you’ll get it. Do list alternatives just in case they’re not in stock. Please bear in mind that the lowest priced CD will be your free CD.

Q: Do you ship CDs with or without cases?
A: We ship with cases. The price remains the same whichever way you want it. And yes, for the last time, it includes worldwide shipping.

Q: My CD case is cracked. What can you do about it?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t do much if items such as CD cases get damaged in transit. We do our best to pack them as well as we can but yes, if a CD is damaged in transit or is faulty we will replace them free of cost.