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Here’s all you need to know about ordering from our store –

Q: What’s the best way to contact you for orders?
A: You can email us at our official and dedicated store address which is

Q: Do orders get lost? What happens to our order in case of non-delivery?
A: No, orders do not get lost and we make sure to send EVERY order via registered airmail so that they can be tracked. No orders have ever been lost but in case of non-delivery they get returned back to us probably because there was no one to receive the parcel or the address was incomplete. In that case, we’re happy to re-send the items after looking into the tracking info.

Q: What are your international shipping rates?
A: They’re only $2.99 USD per item and $0.99 USD for every additional item.

Q: How much time does it take for parcels to reach us?
A: Parcels shipped out from our end take only over a week to reach Europe and Australia, and about twice of that to reach US or Canada.

Q: How are your shipping rates so cheap?
A: We’re absorbing some of the costs just to offset the mindset that ordering from India would be too expensive and unfeasible. It’s really not and takes about the same time if you were to order from say Europe to another continent.

We take very good care with the packaging and use branded, waterproof envelopes. There’s nothing to worry and in case the items get damaged, there’s a good possibility of us sending you a replacement copy for free.