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Limited Edition Illimitable Dolor FAN PACK (T-shirt + CD + Poster + Badge)



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Limited to just 30 bundles, this is an exquisite package featuring the sublime, hand-painted artwork portraying myriad emotions on mediums such as the T-shirt, CD, A3 size poster as well as a fine badge. Don’t miss out on this wonderful package put together with care. SIZE NOTE – It’s recommended that you go for a size larger than what you’d normally buy.

From members of the acclaimed doom band THE SLOW DEATH comes a special band paying tribute to their deceased band member, Greg Williamson. Under the name of ILLIMITABLE DOLOR, they play some of the most emotive and sincere doom ever recorded. Extremely heartfelt and personal, these four songs are the perfect expression of grief-ridden, wistful and stirring doom that is reminiscent of the ’90s bands but add their own atmosphere to the output. Stuart Prickett writes some of the most heartrending music here and it’s easily palpable to any living soul. ILLIMITABLE DOLOR‘s intent is pure as their music, deep and moving, and this debut full length is a testament to the power of raw emotions channelled gracefully as an ode to someone personal and cherished.

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Atmospheric, Death Metal, Doom Metal


L, M, S, XL, XXL


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