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DJINN AND MISKATONIC (India) – Even Gods Must Die CD + 4 Stickers


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India’s premier doom metal band Djinn and Miskatonic return with a mammoth album of dire tunes and bloody tales. Following up on their massively successful debut in ‘Forever in the Realm, they’ve taken things up several notches and produced an album that will stay with you long after it’s over. “Even Gods Must Die’ contains six sordid, gloomy and memorable songs with varying objectives and melancholia. Each of them follow a storylike trajectory and spring to life at the opportune moments. Meditative and meaningful, this is a well thought and properly executed album by Djinn and Miskatonic.

Get the latest album of this massive Indian doom metal band on CD and get four different stickers with it. Each CD also comes with a gloss finish booklet with lyrics. These are limited to the first 50 so please hurry!



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Doom Metal, Old School, Sludge Metal


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