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Diabolus Arcanium (India) – Path of Ascension (Black Metal) CD


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Playing mystical and majestic black metal from Chennai, India, Diabolus Arcanium have released a remarkable debut full length album under the auspices of Transcending Obscurity Distribution. Never before in the recent past of the country has a black metal album been so significant and thorough in its outlook and vision. Inspired by the genre’s progenitors, of the symphonic and epic kind, Diabolus Arcanium have retained the original magic but have extended the sound to include theatrical scope and relevant aggression. With the artwork done by the label owner, Kunal Choksi, the band perfectly captures the medieval vibe in both sound and aesthetics, and boasts of one of the best production outputs in this region by and far. ‘Path of Ascension’ is as accomplished as an album of this ilk can get. It’s a chilling, tense, nerve-racking ride into the black metal portal and a glorious attempt at its demystification.

The CDs will be shipped out on August 15th, 2015.


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Atmospheric, Black Metal


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