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Bombs of Hades’ style has been a blast of fresh air in the death metal world; the group takes an old-school, punk-laden direction that sounds natural and level, unlike clans of imitators who pander to the retrogressive course but screw it up. The band did not undergo any drastic changes since 2012’s “The Serpent’s Redemption,” obviously, so if you’re familiar with Bombs of Hades you should have a general idea as to what’s locked up inside “Atomic Temples.” The mending of embryonic death metal riffs into punky, crust-laden sections makes for a frenzied concoction that can probably be accurately envisioned by most, and that’s pretty much the course of action here. It’s nothing new, but the riffs are blazing, the D-beats are massive, the vocals are venomous, and the solos scorch and sear. Hard to complain when they do what they do so well.


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Crust, Death Metal, Old School


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