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ARALLU ‘Six’ GOLD-EMBOSSED Black Box Set (Limited to 100!)


Product Description

As is a tradition of sorts for our label of late, we’re offering the highly awaited release of ARALLU on no less than a gold-embossed black box set. Each box set is hand-numbered and contain the following 5 items –

1) Gatefold 8-Panel Hardcover Digipak
2) A3 size poster of the band
3) Guitar pick with the band’s logo in Jazz III or similar quality
4) Hand-numbered certificate bearing your individual box set number
5) 2 Stickers bearing the band’s artworks

They will not be printed anywhere nor will be available from any other store. They’re to be ordered directly from the label.

ARALLU from Israel are imbibing their Middle-Eastern influences and channeling the same using the black metal template that they’ve been trying to perfect for over two decades. Not unlike their label mates in RUDRA, they’re forging a unique sound replete with traditional instruments like Saz and Darbuka, and exhibiting a penchant for the thrashy variant of the style. Faster, tighter and more potent than ever before, ‘Six’ bears the insignia of the band’s progress over the years and their culmination in a release that might change their fortunes finally.


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Black Metal, Old School, Thrash Metal


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