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Altar of Betelgeuze (Finland) FAN PACK (T-shirt + Digipak CD + Poster + Badge + Wristband)



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This is as good as it sounds. It’s the ultimate fan pack for one of the best releases of this stoner doom/death kind. It comes with a two-side print T-shirt, a digipak CD, A3 size poster, badge as well as a wristband with the letters printed on it. All of this for a fantastic price of just $31.99/1299 INR.

Altar of Betelgeuze from Finland are onto something special. Not content with playing either doom or death metal, the band merge influences from both realms so to speak and create a seamless sound where clean singing and growls both have a place. Essentially Altar of Betelgeuze play stoner doom but with the heaviness and relative structuring of death metal. Long, winding songs that are at once emotive and crushing enthrall the listener for extended periods of time, while you are left wondering about suitable parallels for this unique band. ‘Among the Ruins’ is a definitive present-day album, when it’s no longer about mimicking your idols but taking the sound forward in a logical, sincere manner.

Orders are expected to ship around Feb-March.



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Death Metal, Doom Metal




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