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SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Groove/Progressive Metal Band Of the Sun

Of the Sun- Before a Human Path

Austin’s Of the Sun released their debut full length ‘A.M. Radio’ way back in 2009, and now the group is preparing their sophomore effort ‘Before a Human Path’ for release on April 14th.  With a sound that they’ve dubbed “Southern progressive metal”, they channel a sound that falls somewhere between groove metal and death metal with a noticeable progressive flair.  Though it has been over six years since the release of their debut, it’s clear that Of the Sun hasn’t been resting on their laurels and has utilized that time to further hone their ideas.  Today we’re pleased to offer you a first taste of what ‘Before a Human Path’ has to offer with an exclusive stream of the second track, Nebulamorphous.

Later in the album Of the Sun mellows out considerably, exploring their softer, progressive side with airier melodies and sweeping instrumentation.  But early on the instrumentalists take quite a bit of time to show off their heavier, aggressive side and bottom heavy grooves, and that’s where Nebulamorphous makes a big impression.  The song starts off with high flying guitar leads and rumbling, audible bass grooves that quickly head into a variety of different directions.  Compared to some of the other bands out there that get the groove/southern metal genre tag, Of the Sun has a more free-flowing feel to their instrumentation and adopt an approach to their grooves that keeps them frequently changing.  Stylistically it reminds me of bands like Lamb of God and Byzantine crossed with some of the more progressive leaning death metal, as the low rumbling grooves and fluidness of the percussion drive the song forward while the guitars layer flashy riffs over top of it that grabs your attention.  While the instrumentals are offering this swirling mixture of ever-changing grooves and aggressiveness, the vocals head up and down the register with low pitched growls and higher screams that add that extra layer of intensity.

Of the Sun

What I like the most about ‘Before a Human Path’ is that each song offers something fairly different.  Songs like Nebulamorphous emphasize the grooves and heavier side of the band’s sound, while others let sprawling melodies take over and flood your senses with calmer atmosphere.  Of the Sun has what it takes to appeal to the groove/Southern metal crowd as well as the prog/djent side of the spectrum, with perhaps some death metal fans even finding themselves drawn in the fold.  Check out the rest of ‘Before a Human Path’ when it releases April 14th.

Of the Sun


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