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SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Doom/Heavy Rock Band Twingiant

Twingiant/Into the Storm Split

Twingiant has been writing their particular variant of heavy, lumbering metal/rock since 2010, releasing two full lengths to date alongside a demo and EP.  With ‘Devil Down’ having recently turned two years old, it seems appropriate that the Phoenix group would give us some new material.  This will happen on January 20th in the form of a split with Into the Storm, which will come out on cassette via tape experts Tridroid Records.  Into the Storm’s two tracks are from their recently released full length ‘Where the Merfalo Roam’, while Twingiant’s two offerings are brand new.  Today we’re excited to premiere the song Formally Known As, and whether you’ve come across these guys before or this is the first time you’ve come across them this song is worth giving a listen.

The riffing falls somewhere between doom and heavy rock, meaning that Twingiant has plenty of that bottom heavy, lumbering tonality alongside booming drumming.  But the emphasis on the rock side of things is what has drawn me to their material, as rather than being the latest doom band to do a slight variation on a Black Sabbath or Electric Wizard riff and call it a day, the instrumentals pull in influence from high flying 70s rock and some 90s desert rock and mix it alongside the slower doom.  Formally Known As is a perfect example of this, as its slow, methodical beginning suggests that you might be in for a sprawling doom track.  But after about a minute or so the tempo picks up and the song opens up further, bringing in a bluesy riff that would be perfect for blasting on a drive across the desert.  It reminds me a bit of Kyuss and Pepper era Corrosion of Conformity with some additional 70s flair and a doom edge that should still draw in the metal crowd.  But what I continue to like the most about these guys is the weight of their recordings.  The low end hits you right in the chest like a battering ram while the guitar leads run wild, and that’s a great thing.  Twingiant’s vocalist Jarrod come through thick and heavy as well, with his lower growls expanding naturally over the instrumentation in a way that adds some grime and grit to the material.


We’ve covered Into the Storm more than once here at Transcending Obscurity, so you should already know that those guys have plenty to offer.  But Twingiant’s definitely worth paying attention to as well, and they seem to be heading more towards the rock side of the spectrum with each release.  Hopefully their two songs are a teaser of more to come, as I’d love to see another full length or EP by the end of 2017!  The Twingiant and Into the Storm split is out January 20th on cassette from Tridroid Records.

Twingiant | Into the Storm | Tridroid Records


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