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SONG PREMIERE: U.S. Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal Band Ghost Horizon

Ghost Horizon- The Erotics of Disgust

It has been a little over a year since U.S. atmospheric black metal band Ghost Horizon released their debut EP ‘Astral Possession’.  Formed by Daniel Stollings in Phoenix, ‘Astral Possession’ found Stollings handling guitars and bass with vocals and drums performed by Uræus.  In the time that has passed Ghost Horizon has gone through a lineup change, with Uræus departing and new drummer “Frog” Magus stepping in.  For follow-up EP ‘The Erotics of Disgust’, Stollings has chosen to handle vocals himself, which has brought a change to the group’s sound.  With even more of an emphasis on darker textures and emotions and raw intensity, today we’re excited to premiere the EP’s closing track Whispers ahead of its April 7th release date so you can hear for yourself.

What I like about ‘The Erotics of Disgust’ is that Stollings has really laid himself bare on this recording, and that’s reflected in both the instrumentals and vocals.  As you make your way through each of the four songs you’ll notice that there’s a rough around the edges feel, with the instrumentation coming off as even more depressive and somber than before while sometimes seeming as though it’s on the verge of collapse.  This holds true for the vocals as well, with Stollings delivering high pitched shrieks and some softer clean singing that never goes out of tune but hasn’t had its imperfections cleaned up like so many others might opt for on their material.  By the time you reach Whispers there has already been a considerable amount of raw emotion and dreary melodies, but Ghost Horizon has clearly saved the most intense moment for last.  Featuring guest vocals from Tyler Allen, the song opens with talking/screaming that is filled with anguish and regret before Stollings launches in with even harsher screaming to tear you to pieces.  The instrumentation on this song skews more abrasive and closer to traditional black metal than some of the other tracks on ‘The Erotics of Disgust’, yet there’s still that air of depression and instability.  It’s a powerful way to finish the EP, and as the vocals deliver their final gasp you’ll feel exhausted yet satisfied from what the group has unleashed.

Ghost Horizon

‘The Erotics of Disgust’ marks a new way forward for Ghost Horizon, and even with the rougher edges as Stollings takes over on vocals for the first time the sheer amount of emotion and energy on display makes this material quite appealing.  Originally planned as a self-release, Tridroid Records recently stepped in to lend their support.  Grab the full EP on April 7th and prepare yourself for a dark and uncomfortable journey.

Ghost Horizon | Tridroid Records


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