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SONG PREMIERE: Turkish Death Metal Band Grotesque Ceremonium


Earlier this week we premiered a track by Turkish death metal band Diabolizer. Today we feature another Turkish band Grotesque Ceremonium. The old school death metal band is the project of Batu Çetin, vocalist of brutal death metal band Cenotaph. Some of his other projects include Drain of Impurity, Phosgendöd and Womb of Decay.

Formed in 2014, Grotesque Ceremonium self released the ‘Blasphemous Goat Observance’ EP. The EP was later released as a limited edition tape by Mexican label American Line Prods. 2 years later, the one man band is set to release its debut full length album ‘Demonic Inquisition’. A concept album, it is “about medieval dark times and inquisitions during the middle ages where all punishment methods were performed by demons and Baphomets evil army against all believers of God.” The lyrics touch upon subjects like witchcraft, demonic punishments and tortures in the depths of hell.

‘Barbaric Apostasy’ is the 5th song on the album. Coming in the middle of the album, it is one of the longer tracks; most of the songs on the album clock in excess of 4 minutes. The song starts with a catchy riff that you cannot help but nod (or headbang if you prefer) along to it. Batu’s growled vocals kick in soon after which sound a lot different from those familiar with his work in Cenotaph. The mid tempo track is straight up death metal. The production sounds good, you would not be able to tell that it is all performed by one person.


Grotesque Ceremonium is another killer project by Batu Çetin. ‘Demonic Inquisition’ is being released next week (15th June) by Satanath Records and More Hate Productions. A must listen for fans of Incantation and Autopsy. 

Grotesque Ceremonium Satanath Records More Hate Productions


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