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SONG PREMIERE: SOV – Hel (Free Download)

Swedish duo SOV released their debut EP ‘Aklanerad Kalamitet’ back in March and it contained a bizarre mix of black metal, industrial rock, avant-garde experimentation and even a bit of psychedelia. The band’s take on black metal is very modern but they lose none of that evil charm that the style is known for. Hot on the heels of their intriguing EP, SOV are releasing yet another single.

Titled Hell, the track sees the band continue down the experimental road. Featuring a upbeat industrial – tribal beat, the track represents the perfect amalgamation of industrial rock and black metal. The riffs sound sinister and somehow fit perfectly over the techno rhythm. The track has a strong progressive edge, in the way the riffs flow. The synth work adds a layer of gothic eeriness which feels rather unsettling. SOV’s exploration of the avant-garde territories continue with this single.


Now, Transcending Obscurity brings to you, an exclusive stream of the track and also, SOV is offering a free download of the track!

Well, Holmes Catacombes has actually decided to give it away without his partner Hank Von Gaia’s knowledge, apparently.  “Hank is too hung up on the value of things.  He’d never agree to just giving something away.  But, he lives in the woods and has no interest in the internet so he’ll never even know about it.”
Pressed for a description of the song, Von Gaia relunctantly tosses out, “Hel is an old Swedish term for “hell” – surprised, aren’t you?  Yeah, I thought so … Anyway, what exactly is hell?  A place?  A state of mind?  Or just a word?  I see it as a word that I can apply describing a place I can visit while in a certain state of mind.”


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