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SONG PREMIERE: Mexican Sludge/Doom Band Teorema

Teorema- Teorema

Polish label Via Nocturna is on a roll this month, as not only are they re-releasing Beansidhe’s debut full length ‘Mónt’ (which we premiered a song from last week), but they’re also doing a reissue for the self-titled debut from Mexico’s Teorema.  Originally released on CD last year, this new digital/CD release of the doom/sludge band’s full length will be out on July 29th.  Today we’re excited to premiere the song Saint Place, which showcases all of the different elements this duo is capable of.

Saint Place certainly starts off in familiar territory, with the guitars and drums working in tandem to produce a rumbling, bottom heavy groove that is sure to appeal to any fan of sludge or doom.  Though the band’s a duo and the guitar and drums have to fill out the entirety of the sound, they come through with a considerable amount of weight and are able to deliver heavy hitting instrumentation on par with bands that have a lot more members.  But the lumbering, crushing riffing is only one half of what Teorema has to offer throughout their debut and this particular song does a fantastic job of demonstrating that.  At around the halfway point, the distortion suddenly fades out and shimmering melodic leads takes its place.  It’s a pretty significant transition, and with the lighter textures it pushes Teorema’s material towards post rock and ambient styles.  Images of sweeping landscapes come to mind throughout this section, and it’s the type of smooth transition from harsh and desolate to warm and inviting that will really catch the listener’s attention.

Guitarist Juan Satiri handles all of the vocal work that Teorema utilizes throughout their material, though a significant portion of the songs on the album are focused on extended instrumental passages.  Satiri tends to keep his low growls for the band’s harshest moments, so it makes sense that Saint Place kicks off with a barrage of growls that reverberate over the instrumentation and fill out the low end.  This is another element of the group’s material that differentiates them from some of the others playing sludge/doom, as rather than the vocals coming across as one of the most dominant elements they are saved for key moments.


Teorema seems to have slipped under the radar so far, but anyone that likes crushing sludge/doom and soaring post rock style instrumentation will want to give their debut an in-depth listen.  They’ve left themselves plenty of room to expand upon both the abrasive and mellower sides of their instrumentation while still providing a debut that will captivate listeners, and that makes this duo worth watching in the future.  Teorema’s self-titled debut is out on Via Nocturna July 29th.

Teorema | Via Nocturna


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