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SONG PREMIERE: Brazilian Death Metal Band Coldblood

Coldblood- Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil

The deeper you dive into the Brazilian metal scene, the more bands you find that deserve to be well known but seem to have been flying under the radar for a decade or more.  Coldblood is a great example, as the death metal band’s roots go back to 1992, putting them on the map around the same time as Krisiun.  After two break-ups and several demo releases between 1994 and 2002, they reformed permanently in 2005 under the supervision of original drummer Markus Couttinho and have been releasing material ever since.  With the periods of inactivity, perhaps it’s not that surprising that ‘Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil’ is only their third full length overall, but it should be the one that puts them on a lot of people’s radar.

With the album set for release on June 16th as a co-release between Russia’s Satanath Records (who have been on a roll with killer material in 2016) and Metallic Media, we’re excited to premiere Bury the Universe, the ninth song.  It should only take a few seconds to realize that you’re getting some heavy hitting, old-school death metal from Coldblood.  The instrumentals start off with lumbering riffs that recall material from Deicide or Cannibal Corpse, switching to a mid-tempo groove at around a minute in.  It’s a familiar sound, but damn do these guys do it well, especially when the drums pound away mercilessly and the riffs are so bottom heavy that they feel like they’re going to punch right through your chest.  Coldblood recorded their material in Brazil and had it mixed/mastered in Germany, and the results are a sound that continues to embrace the old-school elements while having a modern flair that makes all of the instruments audible and makes them as destructive as possible.  But these guys aren’t just flying through the same riff the whole way, as there’s a scorching solo about three quarters of the way through that’s sure to grab your attention and the song ends with an acoustic outro that has a very ominous, foreboding feel.

Just having that crushing, brutal sound wouldn’t be enough without killer vocals to go with it, and thankfully Diego Mercadante is able to provide just that.  While Mercadante has mainly played guitar in all of his previous and current bands, Coldblood gives him an opportunity to show off what he’s capable of.  He sticks with a guttural growl throughout Bury the Universe, hitting that filler range that towers over the guitar and bass work like a giant.   Even though the instrumentals are already incredibly dense and bottom heavy, the growls manage to add even more weight to the recording and will appeal to any death metal fan.  Groups like this can be made or broken by the abilities of their singer, and Coldblood’s has the intensity to help them stand out.


Much like Blood Red Throne, Coldblood is another old-school death metal band that’s been around since the 90s, their drummer is the only original member, and despite that they’re still capable of some brutal, destructive death metal.  Rest assured that if Bury the Universe had you banging your head and amped up, the rest of ‘Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil’ is capable of delivering the same type of quality material.  Check it out on June 16th!

Coldblood | Satanath Records | Metallic Media


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