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Singaporean band ASSAULT sign to Transcending Obscurity Asia


After Rudra, Assault are another band from Singapore join the Asian sub-label called Transcending Obscurity Asia. Assault‘s new album is death/thrash with melodic touches and the whole thing is brimming with passion and aggression. That such bands persist without much international recognition or distribution is almost unfair, and we’re happy to have them on board. ‘The Fallen Reich’ features guest musician such as Freddy Lim, frontman for the biggest Taiwanese metal act Chthonic and newly elected Member of Parliament of Taiwan and Fufu, guitarist and vocal for Maldives based melodic death metal band Nothnegal.


Transcending Obscurity owner Kunal Choksi states, “I came to know about Assault thanks to Kathir of Rudra and upon listening to the band’s new material, I knew this one held a ton of promise. The band’s faster songs in particular absolutely shred and it’s going to be a scorcher when it comes out. The album already features a couple of great guest contributions from notable bands like Chthonic and Nothnegal  and their melodic touches definitely add a new dimension to their scathing blackened death/thrash attack. Expect the album to drop any time in early 2017 on the sub-label, Transcending Obscurity Asia.”

Assault member Clarence comments, “We’re humbled to announce our partnership with sub-label Transcending Obscurity Asia, for our debut album ‘The Fallen Reich’ coming in early 2017, with the vast international distribution network that the label already has and to be on the very same label as Singapore’s metal legends, Rudra, is a start that could not have been better. I have known Kunal personally for a while, he’s a guy full of passion and dedication in running the label well and thanks to him opportunity are given to us for our first album release with Transcending Obscurity Asia. We look forward to give all metalheads another good reason to bang your heads away with the new album!”

Info on ‘The Fallen Reich’ will be unveiled soon.


Assault Facebook | Transcending Obscurity Asia Bandcamp | Transcending Obscurity Label Roster


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