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The Pitch: Italy-based progressive, avant-garde metal band Syk unlock the secrets of insanity with their new release from Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records.

What I Like: Well, well.  This is another one for the books.  I think the “I” in the title stands for “Innovation.”  ‘I-Optikon’ is an artsy, unconventional fusion of Meshuggah guitar and drumwork with off-kilter clean vocals from one Dalila Kayros.  She bares a similar nihilistic approach to melody as Björk Guðmundsdóttir.  Hers is a bit more aggressive, but I can’t think of a single more appropriate comparison.  Compositions are quite technical, and the results are unlike anything else I have heard.

What I Don’t Like: Like much avant-garde art, this isn’t the most accessible of releases.  I am bought in for the unique vocals, but I’m not sure everyone else will be.  The compositions also get quite noisey, so it’s not as strong of a balancing act of elements as with Balance Interruption.

The Verdict:  ‘I-Optikon’ is not for the faint of heart, but if you can accept the thrilling vocals for their quirky genius, you’ll find yourself swimming in a most excellent sea of technical groove.

Flight’s Fav’s: I-Optikon, Disintegrate, The White Sun

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Flight of Icarus FlightofIcarus is a father, licensed counselor, and full time metalhead. When he is not working and spending time with family, he is writing furiously to promote underground bands on his own site, Metal Trenches. He believes staunchly in writing only constructive reviews, and his favorite bands include Dark Tranquillity, Enslaved, Poison the Well, and Deftones. You can also buy his ebook, The ABC’s of Black Metal.