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Satyr and Frost. Sounds like some sort of devilish department store where Fiery Imps can go and buy protection from the cold frozen lands these two first opened there shop in, I mean come from ha-ha.

Yes, Norway, hardly a warm place at all, and yet this iconic duo have been producing music to heat the Blackest of hearts since around 1991, this particular album being there ninth in total. Starting Primarily as a Black Metal outfit, they have since continued to confuse the pundits with their own brand of doing whatsoever they choose, and saying bugger off to convention.

And convention did surely bugger off, much to the disdain of the pure who would have preferred them to stay the same as every other Black Metal band that has ever existed. It surely must be fun to be as like minded as those who never crave a subtle twist or an obvious bend in their chosen music, I for one am not one of them.

So, having been touted as yet again another ground breaking release from our caring providers of Coats and Beanies for the Hellishly Impaired, Is it so?

For this Pundit, There are a few subtle changes, but nothing to separate it in any vast leap from past releases ‘Now, Diabolical’ and the self titled ‘Satyricon’. That’s not saying it’s a bad album because I loved them both, but this one doesn’t exactly leap from the speakers and offer you a HUGE discount on Mittens or Scarves, it sort of comes to the counter and treats you like a regular customer and offers you some of last seasons stock at a really good price.

That is still a good deal, and I suggest you take it because you will be pleased if you are a regular, I just don’t think this will bring in too many new customers if they where expecting a whole new range of cold defying swag.

They surely aren’t Black Metal anymore and haven’t been for a long time, elements of their past still can be found in abundance, as can elements of more traditional Metal, The Vocal delivery of Satyr is, and has always been highly impressive, the music delivered is as hard and unforgiving as the biting cold of an Oslo winter.

Opinion’s are a bit like a bag full of doorknobs at times, we all wish we could use one when it suits. I just did, hopefully you aren’t too bruised if you where hoping for more from this album.

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Andrew Cook A passionate and bloodthirsty metalhead from down under. Death metal is life or should be. Growl.