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Satan- Un Deuil Indien

France’s Satan dubs their music “possessed punk”, and after listening to sophomore full length ‘Un Deuil Indien’ that feels like an appropriate description.  With ten songs that run just under seventeen minutes, Satan delivers raging instrumentals that pull from the harsher spectrums of punk and grind while throwing in some black metal tonality for a sound that’s downright fucking evil.  Harsh blasting and deep, jagged growls barely give you time to breathe, and even when the band slows things down the rawness of the recording gives little reprieve.  There may be some similarities between the song structures, but given the brevity of the material and the sheer power of the recording I think you’ll find plenty worth returning to on ‘Un Deuil Indien’.

Satan delivers raging instrumentals that pull from the harsher spectrums of punk and grind while throwing in some black metal tonality for a sound that’s downright fucking evil

Satan makes it clear right from the start that they’re going to take no prisoners with their destructive, harsh sound.  Opener Orchidée begins the record on a slower note than some of the other songs, showcasing riffs that have a punk structure but have tonality that feels more like black metal.  It doesn’t take longer than thirty seconds for the tempo to completely open up into dense, relentless blasting where the drums pummel away mercilessly at your skull while the guitars and bass create layers of bleak riffs.  Sometimes it’s reminiscent of another French band Celeste, as there are some similarities to the tonality and dense wall of sound, though Satan noticeably skews more towards punk.  As you make your way through each of the ten songs, you’ll find the punk aesthetic often gives way to second-wave black metal, with icy, bleak melodies slipping their way into the material.  Sometimes the sheer speed and force of the drumming and guitars/bass give off a powerviolence or grindcore vibe, albeit one that is run through a black metal filter.  All of these ideas are enhanced by a particularly raw mix and master job courtesy of Today is the Day’s Steve Austin, who lets the crunchier sound of the drums stand out without completely burying the jagged bass lines and darker guitar leads.  ‘Un Deuil Indien’ captures the abrasive attitude of punk with black metal’s evil and desolate qualities perfectly, and it feels like the band actively wants to destroy you with this material.  Admittedly given the nature of the blasting there are a few songs that are a bit hard to distinguish from each other, but since the album is so short it’s easy to take in as a whole and this isn’t that big of an issue.


But let’s not forget about what is one of the most powerful and in your face elements of Satan’s latest album, the vocals.  They start off as a lower scream/growl that’s drenched in anger and aggression, with a little bit of strange, off-kilter clean singing thrown in for good measure.  As you get further into ‘Un Deuil Indien’ though, they only seem to get deeper and deeper until it sounds like you’re hearing a true incarnation of Satan directly through the mic.  Seriously, listen to Poison and tell me that extremely distorted, low pitch doesn’t sound like it’s going to come tearing out of your speakers to rip you to pieces, as that’s the vibe I’ve gotten with each additional listen.  Despite the rawness of the recording, the vocals are front and center and they amplify the amount of power these songs have.

‘Un Deuil Indien’ flies by in a blur of destructive riffing and hellish vocals, leaving only scorched earth in its wake.  With a stripped down sound that lets the drums come through like a battering ram without drowning out the rest of the band, Satan has made an absolutely vicious record that should be played at the highest volume.  Even with some of the songs blurring together a bit that doesn’t take away from the overall impact, especially when you can blaze through the entire album several times in an hour.  Let Satan peel your skin off.

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