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Split between Prague and Shanghai, Kosmogyr play contemporary black metal and this is their debut album.

‘Eviternity’ adds a modern streak of violence to the older second wave sound, resulting in harsh music that’s driven by furious aggression and blistering speed. When they’re playing at their most aggressive the band can be reminiscent of early/mid-period Marduk and the furious Swedish sound in places, although this is only one aspect of their delivery.

With songs that are on the longer side, and a total playing time of 52 minutes, one dimensional blackened brutality would get quite tiring after a while. Which is why, thankfully, Kosmogyr pepper their barbarism with melody and atmosphere. These elements are incorporated holistically into their music in a natural way, enhancing and uplifting the icy core of the band’s sound. It all helps make ‘Eviternity’ a well-rounded and very enjoyable release.

The guitars lead the way with dark melodies or atmospheric groove, all the while powered by a seemingly inexhaustible drummer. For all of their obvious aggression, the songs are actually largely driven by mood, and the music here is very compelling and engaging because of this.

The vocalist has a classic blackened snarl, full of venom and hate. His voice really hits the spot for me as he rages and tears through the material on this album. Other styles appear here and there, all equally as well-performed.

The album has a strong recording that allows the band to tense their sonic muscles with ease, but without forgoing a suitably underground rawness. ‘Eviternity’ has a production that’s carefully balanced between clarity and feeling.

‘Eviternity’ is a very strong release, one that may be almost an hour in length, but certainly doesn’t feel it when you’re listening to it. Full of a cold, dark fury, Kosmogyr have impressed.

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Nigel Holloway Nigel is obsessed with Metal, so much so that he often finds himself missing music, even when he's listening to it.