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Album art for "Ugly Produce" by King Parrot.

I’d reckon that fewer metal-review analogies get used more often than “the cocktail.” I myself am guilty of having poured it multiple times, using it to describe the various genre “mixes” or “blends” that today’s bands concoct using all my powers of synonym-bartending to get the job done. As such, King Parrot’s “Ugly Produce,” the Australian grind/thrash unit’s third full-length, is not much of a cocktail.  It’s more like a shaken-up, liter-sized bottle of pop ensconced in a technicolor adhesive shroud, spewing forth with angry fizz.  Its contents, infectiously fun, punk-infused grindcore, are most certainly not something your mother would approve of. But that’s never stopped you, has it? And it shouldn’t stop you now — “Ugly Produce” feels like a throatful of Pop Rocks-addled soda: For the rampage it’s having on your senses, you hardly even notice how fucking sweet it is.

The contents of “Ugly Produce,” infectiously fun, punk-infused grindcore, are most certainly not something your mother would approve of.

Like their previous two albums, “Ugly Produce” injects a heart-healthy dose of Aussie humor into the bottled up, old-school energy of grind gods like Repulsion (and all of the subtlety, or lack thereof, too). That humor lends itself well to high-energy/goofily titled cuts like Piss Wreck and Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag, enhancing the fervor and, dare I repeat myself, fun of the album. Most tracks thrash along for their entire two-to-three-minute durations, although heavy-hitters like Disgrace Yourself or Die Before You Die play around with the tempo. If this flavor had a name, it’d be something like “Punk Blasterz.”

Band promo photo for King Parrot (Australia).

“Ugly Produce” is good, punkish fun. It’s a fairly straightforward flavor — like a cola without lemons, cherries, vanilla, or “crystal” (whatever that was). But in the metal landscape where releases seem spawned from the interspecies coupling of different, increasingly disparate genres, the basic, barebones assault of “Ugly Produce” goes down so, so smoothly.

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