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This band has become quite the rage in the goregrind circles. Unlike the previous Carcass, Impetigo or Last Days of Humanity approach, they’ve gone the Rompeprop route, additionally mixing brutal death metal a la slam parts in the goregrind template to make it boisterous and animated like giant bouncing boobs. The outcome is music that’s simple, uber catchy and chunky like undigested meatballs shooting off your ass. It’s also reminiscent of the classic Gronibard self-titled release, minus the high-pitched little girl screams (except in “Hairytails”). It’s like Gronibard part II in the excitement it provokes, especially for the first-timers. The music remains albeit too simplistic for the old timers, the speed too not very invigorating, but the heaviness and hooks make up for it; perhaps they’re just content with jumping up and down with their fats, and so are the band’s fans.

simple, uber catchy and chunky like undigested meatballs shooting off your ass


The vocals remain vibrant with inhales, burps, chirps and cricket-like sounds dominating the space. There’s no pseudo-kvlt attitude here so the band is clearly having a lot of fun with the music, which rules. With song titles like “Dick Dip”, “Brothers in Ass” and “Shit Demon”, I guess that’s apparent. There’s the German-esque heaviness that makes things palatable, for anyone into extreme metal. Meatknife comes to mind and also whole lot of similar butt-heavy Dutch bands in the style. Speaking more of the German influences, Gutalax however is not exactly similar to Cock and Ball Torture, as this band also leans towards the heaviness of death metal than just doing the pitch-shifted groove thing. It’s a mix of all that there is out there in the style, whatever that sounds effective with its massive sound. The vocals do well to match up to the variations and dynamism provided here and it remains a largely entertaining affair.

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The rush that you get here isn’t like the relentless Last Days of Humanity or Dead Infection kind, but what you get here is agreeable, catchy and supremely heavy music that you can’t help but bob your head and shit-dripping ass to. Like Spasm and Cliteater, these guys are mixing it up and serving it with a dose of extra brutality. Along with Rompeprop, these guys are perhaps the best hope for goregrind currently, for the music has that irresistible catchiness and groove that can entrap maximum unsuspecting metal fans, even more so if they’re willing to look past the silliness, or better, accept it for what it is and revel in it. As Gutalax would end it, “Shit ‘em all”.


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