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The Pitch: “Spawned from the cerebral mind of grind legend Matt Olivo (Repulsion), EXPULSION combines grind, punk, and crust into a caustic musical vomit guaranteed to stack the corpses high.”  Also featuring Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome), Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia) and bassist Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords Of Death).  FFO: Locked Up, Gruesome, Crypt Rot

What I Like: This LA supergroup delivers an impeccably tight 14 minutes of extreme music with Nightmare Future.  It’s truly an incendiary singularity of each members’ special talents.  You get the ugly, Death-worshiping old school vocals, the raw and crusty D-beats of the drums, and some viciously grindy bass and guitar.  Each track packs a serious wollop within a highly concentrated space.  They feel like pressurized tanks of proprane, and pressing play is a railroad spike driven right into the center.  I also really dig the ebb and flow of the overall genre balance from track to track.  Some come across as more straightfoward grind while others kick up a little more thrash flavor; still others focus on the death metal side of things.

Critiques: Mainly I just want more.

The Verdict: Again, falling back on the press release: “Expect nothing but the best of throat-shredding vocals, relentless blast beats, buzzsaw riffs, and raw bass tones.”  Top notch crust and grind from a very talented crew.  Out Friday.

Flight’s Fav’s: Altar of Slaughter, Nightmare Future, Funeral Bells

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Flight of Icarus FlightofIcarus is a father, licensed counselor, and full time metalhead. When he is not working and spending time with family, he is writing furiously to promote underground bands on his own site, Metal Trenches. He believes staunchly in writing only constructive reviews, and his favorite bands include Dark Tranquillity, Enslaved, Poison the Well, and Deftones. You can also buy his ebook, The ABC’s of Black Metal.